Two soldiers william faulkner full text

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two soldiers william faulkner full text

Two Soldiers by William Faulkner

This was a very sad story, but very symbolic as well. Its a story about a boy and his older brother and how they spend all day together listening to some old mans radio or cutting wood to help their father who is behind. One day after news of the war spreading and getting worse, the older brother decides to leave the family home and fight. The younger brother (who is 11 I think, cant remember) doesnt understand why he cant come with to aid his brother. One day after the brother leaves, the brave little brothers finds a a way to follow him and catches up with his brother right before his brother leaves to head to war. The older brother says he has to go home and take care of their parents, and by the end of the book the full weight of the situation sinks onto the young brothers shoulders and he begins to cry. Short story, but very powerful.
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William Faulkner: On Good Writing

Two Soldiers

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WILLIAM FAULKNER. Two Soldiers. ME AND Pete both reckoned pap was durn glad to get shut of at least ten acres, less to have to worry with .. man does when he lays down, so that for a time it looked like full sun was going to ketch.
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It is the first of three short stories that Faulkner published in and about the Grier family of Frenchman's Bend. All three are narrated by the family's never-named younger son, who is about nine years old in all of them, but each story has its own focus and tone, from the comic "Shingles for the Lord" to the elegaic and sentimental "Shall Not Perish". In "Two Soldiers" the humor of the boy's naivete is married to the heroism of his older brother Pete's patriotic determination to come to the defense of his country after the attack on Pearl Harbor - still a very current event when the story was published. Indeed, although General MacArthur had been evacuated from the Philippines when the Post published it, the fighting there had not yet ended with the imminent American surrender, and of course in its original readers would have been very anxious about the outcome of the war that Pete enlists in. Pete is among Faulkner's most dignified treatments of the poor farmers who populate much of Yoknapatawpha. He does not appear in the second story, "Shingles"; his death in combat provides the occasion for the last story.

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