Fat cat attempts to roll over

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fat cat attempts to roll over

Dragons Fat Cat by Dav Pilkey

Dear Readers in Mr. Middletons Class,

Do you want to read a happy and sad story? If you want, I present to you Dragons Fat Cat. Its a dragon book. First Dragon heard a meow sound so he opened the door and there was a cat sitting in the snow. Again, Dragon looked outside and saw the cat in snow covered almost to his neck. When the day was almost done, Dragon heard a sound again. Dragon went out and saw a pile of snow that looked like a mountain. Dragon dug the pile and said, You fat cat, youre coming with me.

Dragon took the cat in and put it over his lap. The cat meowed. Dragon names the cat, Cat. He made a bed for the cat, but the cat was fast asleep at Dragons bed. Dragon slept on cats bed. Next, Dragon gave the cat ice cream and ketchup. Dragon told the cat to roll over but the cat sat. Dragon did not know what to do about all the yellow puddles the cat made. Dragon tried to teach cat to use the toilet, but cat did not understand. When the mail mouse came the mail mouse said, Yuck! Your house stinks!
I know, said Dragon. My cat has a smelly problem.
What you need is a litter box, said mail mouse.
A litter box? said Dragon. That’s a good idea. So Dragon went out and got some trash. The litter box smelled so bad that Dragon went to the pet store. Dragon drove his car with cat. When they got to the pet shop, the shop owner asked, What is your cats name? Cat, answered Dragon. I need to buy some cat stuff.

When Dragon went to the car, he put the food in and drove home. When Dragon was in the room everything was ready but where was cat?

What will Dragon do? Read the book now.

I give this book five stars because Dav Pilkey makes lots of funny books that are interesting and Dragon is a lovable character. He writes the Captain Underpants series.

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Funniest Fat Cat Compilation September - Funny Pet Videos

Like if you got a cat, and put a fat sound filter, it would sound like that. Other cats with rolling over problems My Fat Cat Trying to Roll Over.
Dav Pilkey

Fat Cat attempting to roll over

Hilarious footage of an enormous cat slowly waddling around a hotel car park and then collapsing on the ground exhausted has taken the internet by storm. More than 22 million people have viewed the video of the adorable pet - a domestic cat named Logan that entertains guests at the Best Western Silver Fox Inn in Waterville Valley, New Hampshire. The footage appears to show Logan struggling to hold up his enormous frame with his four paws, and ends with him falling on the ground, unable to roll over. A video of an enormous cat waddling around in the car park of a hotel in the United States has taken the internet by storm. Footage of the adorable cat, named Logan, has been viewed over 22 million times online. According to the hotel's Facebook page, Logan has become somewhat of a local attraction in New Hampshire, with guests travelling far just to see him.

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