Good things about living forever

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good things about living forever

Live Forever Quotes (18 quotes)

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Published 06.12.2018

Why Age? Should We End Aging Forever?

I was thinking I'd put reasons for deciding to live forever into a list, so here intuition more, which can lead to all sorts of REALLY EXCITING things. 4. life that you're going to die must surely not be very good for your health.

What would life look like if we lived forever?

The research is happening, and it's something the science is moving toward. Where did we get the idea that the longer life is, the less meaningful it becomes? Why do some people seem so adamant that continuing on—and foregoing the all-too-fast downward trudge of mental and physical degradation we currently deem acceptable—is such a bad thing? Are middle-aged people today twiddling their thumbs, wishing they could speed through the next few decades and get them over with? Do those pushing feel like they've been dealt a bad hand?

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Jeanne Calment of France was born in , and died in , at the age of , the oldest verifiable age for a human being. She lived longer than anyone else for whom we have records, and did most of it without the benefits of modern medicine. Life expectancy when she was born was just over 45, so she managed to live almost three times as long as she was expected to. It was truly remarkable, a unique circumstance. Well, unique at the time.

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