Deaf again chapter 1 summary

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deaf again chapter 1 summary

Deaf Again by Mark Drolsbaugh

Deaf Again: Born into Deaf Culture. Thrown into the Hearing World. Rediscovering the Joys of Deafness. 4th edition (2008)

Join Mark Drolsbaugh in his fascinating journey from hearing toddler… to hard of hearing child… to deaf adolescent… and ultimately, to culturally Deaf adult. The struggle to find one’s place in the deaf community is challenging, as Drolsbaugh finds, yet there is one interesting twist: both his parents are also deaf. Even though the deaf community has always been there for him, right under his nose, Drolsbaugh takes the unbeaten path and goes on a zany, lifelong search… to become Deaf Again.

“This is an excellent and highly readable autobiography that will soon find a place in the classics of deaf writing.”

— The Forest Bookshop
Gloucestershire, England

“A book that’s hard to put down… easy to read and

— Dr. Harry Blackmore
Center for Auslan and Deaf Studies
Perth, Western Australia

“This book is a MUST read for any hearing parent
whose child has been identified with a hearing loss.”

— MaryAnne Kowalczyk, President
The Communication Connection
Manahawkin, New Jersey

“A terrible thing happened to this book — it ended!”

— Callie Cesarini
Ontario, Canada
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Deaf Again Ch.1-2

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Mark Drolsbaugh

Deaf Again by Mark Drolsbaugh Essay

This book brings a fresh look into the world of the deaf. It is not merely an autobiography of a person who is deprived of hearing. It gives the reader a rare opportunity to evaluate deafness from someone who was not born deaf. This is because the author, Mark Drolsbaugh, became deaf after having the sense of hearing for a considerable period of time. Consequently, he can differentiate between the world of hearing and the world of silence. This book has helped me understand the American Sign Language that I am studying this semester. The American Sign Language focuses on developing communication between the deaf and the rest of the world.

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Deaf Again: Chapters 1 to 3 - my thoughts on it

The writing is about what she had seen living in a Deaf school since a child, and what struggles the Deaf community has. She lived in Lexington School for the Deaf, which she always felt at home, comfortable, and knew the lay of the land. Although her grandparents who immigrated here were deaf, her father…. When I first heard that I needed to go to a deaf event I was a little nervous. I felt like I was not going to like it and or Feel like everyone was going to talk about me. I heard that some people in the deaf community are rude to hearing people. So I was just hoping to be accepted as a person who is learning ASL.

The book, Deaf Again, written by Mark Drolsbaugh, is an autobiography telling his life story which starts with a young boy growing up who goes through the process of losing his hearing and then, as he gets older, he struggles with trying to fit in as a normal child. When Mark was very young, he could hear fairly well then gradually he went hard of hearing until he eventually went completely deaf. Even though he had two deaf parents, the doctors advised speech therapy and hearing aids because they did not understand Deaf Culture and they thought that Mark would be a lot happier if he could hang on to his hearing persona. Throughout the rest of the book, Mark goes through a lot of stages of trying to fit in with everyone and eventually does find himself and realizes that being Deaf is not a disease, but just a part of who he is. About the time that Mark was in kindergarten, he thought he was a normal child just like everyone else, but he started to distort things he heard in class and was wondering why everyone would be laughing and why he would be getting corrected.

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