Question and answer about mammals

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question and answer about mammals

Do Whales Have Belly Buttons?: Questions and Answers about Whales and Dolphins by Melvin A. Berger

This is a question and answer style book. I found it very interesting and not at all boring!This is an informational text that highlights many different things and questions we all might have about whales. The book is a bout 45 pages half of which are pictures. The pictures are very beautiful, but they are illustrations and not actual pictures of the whales being discussed. I would have enjoyed seeing actual pictures of the whales rather than illustrations. The title Do Whales Have Belly Buttons? really is what drew me to the book in the first place. What a cute title! I enjoyed the style of writing and the format of the book.

I think this is definitely a book I could see myself having in my classroom set. I think students will enjoy reading the book or sharing it with friends. It has fun facts and interesting tidbits to have conversations about. I think as far as a read aloud book I would probably not use it, but might reference it if the students were doing a project about marine life.
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Melvin A. Berger

Mammals: A Question and Answer Book (15)

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The typical features of mammals are: a body more or less covered with hair; the presence of the diaphragm muscle that separates the thorax from the abdomen ; mammary glands that produce milk in females ; non-nucleated blood red cells; and a middle ear with three ossicles. The three groups into which mammals are divided are: monotremes or Prototheria, such as the platypus , marsupials or Metatherian, such as kangaroos and placentals or Eutheria, such as humans. Mammals of the monotreme group platypus, echidnas are oviparous, or egg-laying, and do not have a placenta. The placenta only forms in female placental mammals. Mammal Review - Image Diversity: placenta. Select any question to share it on FB or Twitter.

Index Newest Popular Best. Join FunTrivia for Free : Hourly trivia games, quizzes, community, and more! Questions on wild mammals. Difficulty: Difficult. Played 14, times. As of Sep 25 Which of the following animals is NOT in the mammals group?

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  1. Warm-blooded vertebrate animals belonging to the class Mammalia, including all that possess hair and suckle their young. | Contact experts in Mammals to get.

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