Why do males have nipples

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why do males have nipples

Why Do Men Have Nipples?: Hundreds of Questions Youd Only Ask a Doctor After Your Third Martini by Mark Leyner

Is There a Doctor in the House?

Say you’re at a party. You’ve had a martini or three, and you mingle through the crowd, wondering how long you need to stay before going out for pizza. Suddenly you’re introduced to someone new, Dr. Nice Tomeetya. You forget the pizza. Now is the perfect time to bring up all those strange questions you’d like to ask during an office visit with your own doctor but haven’t had the guts (or more likely the time) to do so. You’re filled with liquid courage . . . now is your chance! If you’ve ever wanted to ask a doctor . . .

•How do people in wheelchairs have sex?

•Why do I get a killer headache when I suck down my milkshake too fast?

•Can I lose my contact lens inside my head forever?

•Why does asparagus make my pee smell?

•Why do old people grow hair on their ears?

•Is the old adage “beer before liquor, never sicker, liquor before beer . . .” really true?

. . . then Why Do Men Have Nipples? is the book for you.

Compiled by Billy Goldberg, an emergency medicine physician, and Mark Leyner, bestselling author and well-known satirist, Why Do Men Have Nipples? offers real factual and really funny answers to some of the big questions about the oddities of our bodies.
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Why Do Men Have Nipples? - Earth Unplugged

Men can't nurse babies, so why on Earth do they have nipples? The answer has to do with how humans develop in the womb, said Ian.
Mark Leyner

Why do men have nipples?

This page has been archived and is no longer updated. Published online 5 August Nature doi Eleanor Lawrence. Why do men, and many other male mammals, have nipples, even though they lack the milk-producing equipment that goes with them? Erasmus speculated that male nipples were a relic of a time when mammals were hermaphrodite - male and female in one individual. And in a way he had touched, at least partly, on the truth.

Like all "why" queries, the question of why men have nipples can be addressed on many levels. My four-year-old daughter, always suspicious of a trick when asked such obvious questions, answered: "because they grow them. Evolutionary biologists, whose job it is to explain variety in nature, are often expected to provide adaptive explanations for such "why" questions. Some traits may prove—through appropriate tests—to be best explained as adaptations; others have perfectly good evolutionary, but nonadaptive, explanations. This is because evolution is a process constrained by many factors including history, chance, and the mechanisms of heredity, which also explains why particular attributes of organisms are not as they would be had they been "designed" from scratch.

While there is a reasonable biological explanation as to why women have nipples —to feed babies—their function in men remains less clear. The Darwinian theory of natural selection would seem to dictate that male nipples serve no real purpose and, as such, should have been bred out of the human species by now. Of course, they have not, and this has to do with the foundations of how a human begins developing in utero. The answer is simpler than you think. During embryogenesis the development of an embryo after fertilization , females and males will both start from the same genetic base, so to speak. It is only in the latter part of the first eight weeks that the sex genes—called the X and Y chromosome—will dictate whether the baby will be female or male.

Two items I recently followed up in this way were headed 'Why do women live Men have nipples because embryos are always female in their early stages.
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All humans are built to the same basic female plan but we are quite sure why male nipples seem to get left over. By Susan Blackmore. All humans are built to the same basic female plan with the foetus developing as female or male depending on whether it has XX or XY sex chromosomes and hence different hormones. Testosterone causes a clitoris to grow into a penis and labia to become a scrotum. The mystery is that in many mammals male nipples are tiny, while in men they are fully formed with blood vessels and nerves. Quite why this should be no-one seems to know.

The answer, for the most part, is fairly simple. Men have nipples because nipples develop in the womb before embryos become distinctly male or female. So by the time a Y chromosome kicks in to distinguish a fetus as male, the nipples have already secured their place. Some people think of it this way: Everyone starts out as female in their early development in utero. A few weeks in, the Y chromosome starts creating changes that lead to the development of testes in males. Female fetuses go through changes that will eventually lead to the development of breasts. Our development is different at this point and also during puberty , when secondary sex characteristics like pubic hair form.

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