William shakespeare famous poems about love

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william shakespeare famous poems about love

Love Poems and Sonnets by William Shakespeare

If thou survive my well-contented day,
When that churl Death my bones with dust shall cover,
And shalt by fortune once more re-survey
These poor rude lines of thy deceased lover,
Compare them with the bettering of the time,
And though they be outstrippd by every pen,
Reserve them for my love, not for their rhyme,
Exceeded by the height of happier men.
O, then vouchsafe me but this loving thought:
Had my friends Muse grown with this growing age,
A dearer birth than this his love had brought,
To march in ranks of better equipage:
But since he died, and poets better prove,
Theirs for their style Ill read, his for his love.

- William Shakespeare, 1590-ish (disputed)

There once was a young man called Will,
Who couldnt be happy until,
Hed written a sonnet,
And spent hours upon it,
Only then could he kick back and chill...

- Me, yesterday (undisputed, alas)

OK, well Im not actually going to try to review the whole of Shakespeares poetic output, obviously. Im not nearly qualified enough to do so. Instead, Ill just say that the bard is one of my favourite poets. His work has resonated with me since I first studied it at school and Ive returned to it time and again over the years. Actually, the fact that I know it so well enables me to just kick back and read it for pure, unadulterated pleasure, without the slightest taint of academia clawing away at my mind. Bliss.

P.S. - At this stage, I am entirely bored of the whole did somebody else write Shakespeares work? and did Shakespeare even exist? arguments. Yawwwn. The work exists, somebody wrote it, it was so long ago that the identity of the author doesnt actually matter anymore except to the most pedantic, tedious academics. If you really must keep banging on about these issues, do me a favour and do it underneath somebody elses review... I just want to enjoy the work.
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William Shakespeare Famous Poems Featured The Phoenix and the Turtle is an allegorical poem perhaps about the death of ideal love.
William Shakespeare

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O Mistress Mine

This selection of love poems offered is not by any means comprehensive or all inclusive - for how could it be? However an attempt has been made to include mostly poems which show the joyous side of love, rather than its more tortured elements, since that is what is important for Valentine lovers. Readers are welcome to use any material found here for private Valentine messages, but for all other uses it is important to remember that copyright restrictions apply.

William Shakespeare is one of the most well-known poets and playwrights. Many of his pieces are studied by students today, and his plays continue to be performed. It's speculated that he was born on April 23, in Stratford-upon-Avon because he was baptized at Holy Trinity Church on April 26, At the age of 18 he married Anne Hathaway, and the couple had three children. Hathaway was pregnant with their first at the wedding. Their son, who had a twin sister, died during boyhood.

Celebrations are being held around the world today to mark the birth and death of William Shakespeare. While his exact birth date is not known, his baptism is recorded in the Parish Register at Holy Trinity Church, Stratford-upon-Avon, on Wednesday 26 April and baptisms typically took place within three days of a new arrival. He later died in April at the age of Though he is most renowned for his plays, Shakespeare also penned vast quantities of poetry in his lifetime. His most famous poetical works, his sonnets, were intended primarily for a private readership - but many are still recited in classrooms today. He also wrote two long narrative poems, which were published in the s, and a few other shorter poems. Almost all the sonnets follow the structure of three quatrains, or four-line stanzas, followed by a final couplet.

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