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Aron Ralston Quotes (Author of Between a Rock and a Hard Place)

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Published 15.12.2018

Meet the man behind the movie '127 Hours'

Aron Ralston And The Harrowing True Story Of ‘127 Hours’

On the 26th of April, , thenyear-old climbing enthusiast Aron Ralston was involved in an accident in the Blue John Canyon in south-eastern Utah. While climbing down a slot canyon, a boulder that he was using to support his weight became dislodged and pinned his right hand against the canyon wall. On this particular occasion, Ralston had not told anyone in advance that he was going on a climbing trip, and as such, he knew that it was unlikely anyone would come searching for him. Over the proceeding days, Ralston rationed his ml of water, and 2 burritos, and was eventually forced to drink his own urine. During the course of the event, Ralston created a video diary for his friends and family, with the assumption that he was going to die.

Aron Lee Ralston born October 27, is an American outdoorsman , mechanical engineer and motivational speaker known for surviving a canyoneering accident by cutting off his own arm. During a solo descent of Bluejohn Canyon in southeastern Utah he dislodged a boulder which pinned his right wrist to the side of the canyon wall. The incident is documented in Ralston's autobiography Between a Rock and a Hard Place and is the subject of the film Hours where he is portrayed by James Franco. After the accident he continued mountaineering and became the first person to ascend all of Colorado's fourteeners solo in winter. Aron Ralston was born on October 27, in Marion, Ohio. He received his college degree from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh , finishing with degrees in mechanical engineering and French , with a minor in piano.

His incredible story inspired an Oscar-tipped film from Slumdog Millionaire director Danny Boyle and now Aron Ralston has revealed exclusive pictures of his ordeal. Adrenaline junkie Ralston found fame in after a boulder fell on his arm when he was hiking in Utah and he was forced to amputate it with a dull knife having being trapped for hours in a canyon. His experience has now been turned into an emotional drama starring James Franco and, ahead of the film's release, year-old Ralston opened up to U. Horror: A picture shows the boulder that fell on Aron Ralston's arm and left him trapped for five days. Heroic: Aron Ralston describes the experience of seeing the nightmare that cost him an arm turned into a film.

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Aron Ralston, subject of the true story of Hours poses for a portrait during the Toronto International Film Festival. But Aron Ralston was far from horrified. In fact, as he sat in the theater watching the harrowing story unfold, he was one of the only people who knew exactly how Franco must have felt. Before his infamous canyoneering accident and his true story was depicted in the Hollywood film Hours, Aron Ralston was just an anonymous mechanical engineer from Denver with a passion for rock climbing. He studied mechanical engineering, French, and piano while at college at Carnegie Mellon University, before moving to the Southwest to work as an engineer. He wanted to climb Denali, the highest peak in North America.

The hiking enthusiast had to amputate his own arm to break free from his rock-face prison and his gripping story has been made into a new Danny Boyle movie, entitled Hours, starring James Franco. Ralston showed his desperate home movie footage to the filmmaker and his star, who recreates their message in the film - but he has no plans to release the real films. Her says, "I appreciate the interest and recognise the intrigue, just knowing there's real footage that exists. But, at the same time, it was a personal artifact that I made for my friends and family, many of whom have seen it. It was a very emotional experience for my parents to watch it with me.

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