Paragraph on when i met a stranger

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paragraph on when i met a stranger

Quote by Taylor Swift: I met you as a stranger. Now I have you as a fr...

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Strangers When We Meet 1960

"A stranger that changed my life" - first draft for my scholarship essay

He was clenching his chest, wobbling over the footpath and heading to a tree which he gripped onto. I felt my insides freeze up. I looked around the main street of Coogee to find that I was the only person in the immediate vicinity. Somebody else was rushing to my aide. An American tourist with a busted nose.

It was Thursday afternoon, my cell phone displayed 2. I was waiting for around 15 mins and felt as if I am standing there for hours. Thought of calling few of my friends just to pass away the time. The bus stop was empty and I kept on expecting some passenger to Airport just to get convinced about the timings of the bus. I was over phone, when I saw a gal getting down from an auto-rickshaw with two heavy luggages and a hand bag. I was a bit relaxed, became more confident about the arrival of BIAS7 within sometime.

How can one be impartial toward a person of whom one has such intimate knowledge? But how did she do that? Take something from her life and craft it into this moving piece of art that resonated even though it had nothing to do with me? I inserted myself into the words and made her experience mine. The concept is closely tied to projection.

Once upon a time in a land of strangers, I came upon a man with the talent to turn a few pieces of plywood and paint cans filled with hues of Green and gold and black a couple of paint brushes and stencils into a street car.
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He looked as if he had just blown in from a tropical photo-shoot. He wore a safari jacket, combat pants and desert boots, and had a warm, peculiarly direct Italian gaze. And because he appeared well past sixty and showed no visible signs of madness, I briefly returned his smile when he took the seat opposite mine. You could tell from his face that the decision had been the right one. This was a man who smiled more often than he scowled.

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