Frankenstein quotes about creating life

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frankenstein quotes about creating life

Frankenstein Quotes (106 quotes)

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Frankenstein -The Monster

quotes have been tagged as frankenstein: Mary Shelley: 'I do know that for the sympathy “The whole series of my life appeared to me as a dream; I sometimes doubted if “I beheld the wretch-the miserable monster whom I had created.

Frankenstein Quotes

Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus is a novel written by English author Mary Shelley — that tells the story of Victor Frankenstein , a young scientist who creates a hideous sapient creature in an unorthodox scientific experiment. Shelley started writing the story when she was 18, and the first edition was published anonymously in London on 1 January , when she was The topic of galvanism and occult ideas were themes of conversation among her companions, particularly her lover and future husband Percy B. Mary, Percy and Lord Byron had a competition to see who could write the best horror story. After thinking for days, Shelley dreamt about a scientist who created life and was horrified by what he had made, inspiring the novel. Frankenstein is infused with elements of the Gothic novel and the Romantic movement.

Sign in with Facebook Sign in options. Join Goodreads. Quotes tagged as "frankenstein" Showing of I have love in me the likes of which you can scarcely imagine and rage the likes of which you would not believe. If I cannot satisfy the one, I will indulge the other. I do not think that the pursuit of knowledge is an exception to this rule. If the study to which you apply yourself has a tendency to weaken your affections and to destroy your taste for those simple pleasures in which no alloy can possibly mix, then that study is certainly unlawful, that is to say, not befitting the human mind.

The following Frankenstein quotes address the novel's key themes , including the pursuit of knowledge, the power of nature, and human nature. Discover the meaning of these important passages, as well as how each quote connects to the novel's broader themes. This statement is made by Victor Frankenstein at the start of the novel as he recounts his childhood to Captain Walton. The passage is significant for outlining the main obsession Frankenstein's life: achieving intellectual enlightenment. This ambition, combined with a desire for glory, is Frankenstein's driving force, motivating him to excel in his studies at university and later to create the monster. Yet, we later learn, the fruits of this labor are rotten. Frankenstein is horrified by his creation, and in turn the monster kills everyone that Frankenstein loves.

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One man's life or death were but a small price to pay for the acquirement of the knowledge which I sought, for the dominion I should acquire and transmit over the elemental foes of our race. Letter 4. It's never a good sign when you start telling your sister that it's not a big deal if someone dies, as long as you fulfill your scientific goal. Walton is about two and a half steps away from full-on mad scientist, here. The innocent and helpless creature bestowed on them by heaven, whom to bring up to good, and whose future lot it was in their hands to direct to happiness or misery, according as they fulfilled their duties towards me. When Victor talks about his childhood, he suggests that parents play a big role in how their kids turn out, either "to happiness or misery.

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  2. “I do know that for the sympathy of one living being, I would make peace with all. I have love in me the likes of which you can scarcely imagine and rage the likes.

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