It ain t over until its over

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it ain t over until its over

Quote by Yogi Berra: “It aint over until its over”

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Published 17.12.2018


It Ain't Over 'til It's Over

And I still love that song very much today," Kravitz said in an interview for VivaMusic. The song was written by Kravitz while dealing with a struggling marriage to his then wife, Lisa Bonet , and was an attempt to rekindle the relationship. Kravitz has described his thinking at that time as not just a depression, but a fog. Initially Kravitz, realizing the hit potential of the song, did not want to release the song himself, wishing to remain an underground artist, thinking instead of giving the song to Smokey Robinson. His label however eventually persuaded him to include it on the album. The music video , directed by Jesse Dylan , features Kravitz and his band performing the song.

In this Sept. Berra, who played in more World Series games than any other major leaguer and was a three-time American League Most Valuable Player, died Tuesday at the age of Berra was a poet in his own way, which is one of the reasons I loved him: plain-spoken and disarmingly on point. Berra was no dummy, despite his affable humor and goofy name. He understood, as all great artists have, that thinking often gets in the way of creation, that the more we ruminate, the less we may be able to do. Hitting, like writing, is a matter of being in the moment; the first and most important act is to get out of our own way. The brainiest players -- not unlike the brainiest writers, painters, musicians -- often think themselves into inaction, breaking down every aspect of their style, their approach, until they lose connection to the flow.

it ain't over till/until it's over

Baseball giant Yogi Berra died yesterday at age 90 , and beyond his legacy as a Hall of Famer, he left behind a number of Yogi-isms that long ago seeped into the cultural lexicon. One of them, "It ain't over till it's over," was an offhanded remark made during the season when the Mets were in last place during the pennant race. Against all odds, Berra helped manage the team back to the top, and the Mets won that year's division title.

I began trying everyway under the sun to meet Mr. For years I have hoped to write a book on the theme finishing well. I want to finish well. I hope to publish the book on my 80 th birthday — in July Trying to meet Yogi Berra was not exactly a piece of cake. I concluded it would be easier to meet the pope than to meet Yogi. Indeed, it took three well connected men to make it happen.

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  1. There is a LOT of concern that the markets are too high, that stocks are too expensive, and that this bull market has run too long.

  2. Many of the celebrated "Yogi-isms" of Yogi Berra - who has died aged 90 - were repeatedly cited for their ridiculousness. But one has come in very useful, writes Gareth Rubin. American baseball legend Yogi Berra first uttered the phrase about baseball's National League pennant.

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