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all about my romance review

My Romance: A Novel by Gordon Lish

Based on an impromptu speech Lish delivered when I was a wee lad, My Romance challenges readers to rethink their relationship with the epidermis. So in that sense, its superficial, but, of course, it is a well layered, two-paragraph novel about a long-silent man spilling his guts to a crowd of writers (at a writers conference) and covers topics ranging from mineral oil to a sons culpability in his fathers death. The story is moving, the relationships are complicated, and its all quite funny despite--oh, fucking read the book already. If you can find it.
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Published 06.12.2018

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Green and Justice Party Assemblywoman Noh Min Young Lee Min Jung also aims to make a difference in government and constantly struggles against the political fat cats who take advantage of their prestigious position. Unfortunately, they must hide their relationship due to their political affiliation. In a nutshell, All About My Romance is a cute, superfluous drama. They do play similar types of characters and Shin Ha Kyun is a great actor. As a romcom hero, I liked him in this drama but allow me to get superficial for a minute.

In this era of bitter political division, one television show has come along to heal our wounds and unite all sides: All About My Romance. If a member of a conservative majority party started dating a member of a tiny progressive third party, and sent her giant heart eyes during sessions the way that Kim Soo Young does for Noh Min Young, I might actually watch C-SPAN. And love every minute of it. The Progressive Party holds the next largest number of seats, and with only two seats, the Green Justice Party is one of the smallest in the National Assembly. Noh Min Young sits in one of these.

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Even harder when you belong to opposite sides of the political spectrum. This is a light and fluffy drama that warms the heart. In fact, all the characters pretty much throw themselves out there which meant I spent a lot less time analyzing their actions and just enjoying the ride. It was actually nice to set aside the Drama Thinking Cap! Enter No Min Young Lee Min Jung who is the ever passionate member of the Progressive Party with an also stubborn personality but with quick wit and charm. She takes her job very seriously, always concerned about the people and ready to call out any Party member who takes advantage of their place in power. Then there are their numerous differences in personality and ideologies and not to mention the scrutiny of the people and the government that is sure to ensue when things come to light.

This drama seemed really interesting right from the get go. It was fast paced, but not too fast that I got left in the dust, and it had a cute story. But like any other drama, it has its flaws. He was the most confusing out of all of the characters. But I thought it was very cute. It felt natural and realistic.

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  1. All About My Romance Review This drama seemed really interesting right from the get go. Sure it wasn't a romance never done.

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