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essential dr strange vol 1

Essential Doctor Strange, Vol. 1 by Stan Lee

I am going to commit the comic book equivalent of sacrilege and admit that I find Stan Lee almost unreadable. No one needs to be reminded of all the characters Lee co-created and the massive impact they have had on popular culture. Having acknowledged that, I need to point out that Lee wrote some of the clunkiest dialogue in comics.

Here is an example from Doctor Stranges enemy the Dread Dormammu. When last we fought, I pledged my word to attack Dr. Strange no more!! But I am not so doing! It is Mordo who attacks him -- Mordo, using the power of Dormammu! The power that I give him! Then, once Strange is destroyed, there will be none remaining who can stop my conquest of Earth, the home of the human race!

In Stan Lees defense, this was written to be read in a serialized format and any given issue might be some readers first introduction to the ongoing story. There must be a less intrusive way to catch new readers up than having characters shout their names and motivations at the reader. I suspect even an audience of eight year old boys would know that Earth is the home of the human race, as opposed to Humanland or something.

The art of Steve Ditko is a bit of an acquired taste, but it is amazing in its detail, particularly in the detail he puts into the faces of even minor characters. His extra-dimensional backgrounds are as abstract as anything by Dali or Escher. He sticks to rigidly square page layouts with the formality of a haiku poet, and like a poet he reveals that formal structure can be creatively liberating.

I am deducting one star for Lees dialogue and another star for his formulaic repetitive plots. That leaves 3 stars for Ditkos art, and for that of his successor on the book Marie Severin and Dan Adkins.
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Dr. Strange: Sorcerer Supreme Volume 2 Omnibus Overview

Perhaps more than any other figure of the modern era, comic book editor and writer Stan Lee intuitively understood myth: through characters such as the Hulk, Iron Man, the Fantastic Four and his beloved Spider-Man, he took the established archetype of the superhero and injected real-world vulnerability. The creative powerhouse behind Marvel Comics, Lee masterfully paired characters to artistic creators, evolving a universe and a graphic language that has shaped comics - and entertainment generally - across the entire world.
Stan Lee

Essential Dr Strange, Vol 1

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These are the stories that will introduce you to his major foes and his main supporting cast, and get you acquainted with all the many great talents that have worked on the character over the years. Originally packaged as Doctor Strange: Season One , this original graphic novel is a modernized retelling of Doctor Strange's origin, repackaged as an Indiana Jones-esque adventure story that likely served as significant inspiration for the movie's take on the origin story. Dizzyingly beautiful art by Emma Rios make this one worth the buy alone. If what you really want is a primer on Doctor Strange's origin, and you haven't acquired a taste for Silver Age comics, this is the book to grab. If, on the other hand, you're the kind of person that just wants to jump on with what's new, this book is the first volume of the current Doctor Strange series, and you could hardly do wrong starting here.

Spider-Man is disappointed to find all quiet during his night patrol of the city. However, elsewhere a man named Xandu interferes in a bar-room brawl, where two muscular men have challenged everyone present to a fight. Xandu hypnotizes them to feel no pain, and gives them limitless strength to accomplish their task: to steal the other half of the Wand of Watoomb, of which Xandu already possesses one part, from Dr Strange's mansion. As they break in, Dr. Strange tries to distract them, but he is quickly knocked out. The two henchmen find the Wand of Watoomb and exit through a skylight, thereby attracting the attention of Spider-Man.

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  1. This is a phenomenal book that collects all of Doctor Strange's original run in Marvel. This collects all of Stan Lee's writings and Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko's.

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