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african queen of long ago

The Making of The African Queen Or How I went to Africa with Bogart, Bacall and Huston and almost lost my mind by Katharine Hepburn

This is Katherine Hepburns first book, and she doesnt give a fuck. She writes how she wants to write and does not care about any rules or style but her own. She writes how you expect her to speak, very stoccato, with trails of sentence fragments, often separated by dashes. She will describe a room by listing nouns: Heat-- hotel-- French-speaking Belgians-- no panes of glass in windows-- porches-- high ceilings-- blinds-- mosquito nets over the beds-- painted cement floors-- dark, spare bathroom-- watch the bugs-- watch the water-- thoughtful people-- took care of us afternoon and evening. For the most part, a coherent picture emerges, but sometimes you loose your place, or cant make the leap from one of her thoughts to another. But she is unapologetic: this is Africa as she experienced it.

It is Hepburn at her most Hepburnish: brash, bold, strangely and specifically neurotic (she cant go to the bathroom when others are nearby), and often quietly vulnerable. I was rather shocked at her selfishness(kicking the studio accountant out of his room because his room was better than hers), but she openly acknowledges that it was a mean move on her part, in retrospect.

She paints a loving portrait of Bogart, Lauren Bacall and John Huston, and their adventures filming the African Queen, faced with shipwreck, disease, and poor conditions.

Her views of the native Africans are jarring, though typical for the times. She is fascinated by their quaint ways, and cant really tell one from the other until she becomes friendly with her boy (the native assigned to wait on her). Even then, she holds him at a distance, not quite on the level of the white settlers, but special to her.

It is a fun, behind the scenes memoir, written by one of the most adventurous and authentic women of all time. It is not a great work of art, but it is honest, heartfelt, and unapologetic.
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Katharine Hepburn

Great Ancient African Queens

By Fred Pearce. They are very big: the earth wall and ditch are kilometres long and in places tower seven storeys high, complete with guardhouses, moats and garrison barracks. They enclose an area the size of Greater London, or 30 times bigger than Manhattan. But it took a British geographer from the University of Bournemouth to recognise their significance. What he found that day was the jewel in the African civil engineering crown.

The riveted steel ship struck an iconic profile with its vertical boiler, which was a rare feature. The craft was actually being used to carry cargo, missionaries, and hunting parties when John Huston saw it while on a hunting trip and decided it would make the perfect vessel for a film. After it was made famous by its appearance in the aforementioned film, the boat returned to its regular service, but was abandoned sometime in the s. In it was discovered half sunk in Cairo, Egypt, and it was towed back to the United States for restoration. Since , the boat has been made seaworthy and resides in Key Largo, Florida. Join us for a five-day adventure as we search for those rare orchids, paddle our way through mangrove forests, and snorkel alongside sea turtles, all in the company of an experienced naturalist guide. Sign up for our newsletter and get the best of Atlas Obscura in your inbox.

Among those leaders were queens that led their kingdoms with precision and power. Their leadership has left an indelible mark on history. We take a look at some of the most dynamic ancient African queens. Queen Aminatu, daughter of Bakwa Turunku, was a great Hausa warrior. Her mother built the capital of Zazzau. The city was one of the seven original states of Hausaland in the 16th century. As a member of the royal family, Amina chose to hone her military skills.

Wildlife in Florida’s Coastal Wetlands

Africa Queen : Bissagos Islands (Documentary, Discovery, History)

The original African Queen captained by Humphrey Bogart in the Oscar-winning film is once again cutting her way through the languid, life-giving waters of the river Nile, according to reports. New Zealander Cam McLeay, who has led expeditions to discover the source of the ancient waterway, claims to have restored the vessel more than 60 years after she was first seen on screen. He has been running Nile tours since December, after apparently discovering the African Queen was still in existence while in holiday in Kenya. She's from Uganda! The pair negotiate crocodiles, rapids and Nazi soldiers as they head for an unnamed lake where they mount an ambitious plan to sink a German gun boat. The film won Bogart the Oscar for best actor and was nominated for a further three prizes in

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  1. A look at some ancient African queens who ruled parts of the continent, These were unusual for pharaohs during that time. Zulu dignitaries and people marked Queen Nandi's death with a long period of mourning.

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