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what is go ask alice about summary

Go Ask Alice by Beatrice Sparks

i read this in high school and went oh my god...im never doing acid and then went how can anyone pretend this is a real diary?! and then ate lsd-laced peanuts, locked myself in a closet, pulled out all of my hair and woke up three weeks later in a hospital bed...what happened? crap crap crap...this book is crap. plotline:
1. im a good girl
2. im going to a party...with boys...haha
3. ill have a beer
4. i might as well try a joint
5. cocaine is awesome. what a fun fun double-fun night!
6. lsd! san francisco! rape! lsd! im hungry
7. mom dad take me back!
8. relapse
9.im never doing drugs again
10. the subject of this book died three weeks after her decision not to keep another diary...
so yeah, fake. people dont turn into junkies an hour after their first beer. american youth, dont fall for this hoo-ha!

***its funny how uptight people have gotten about this review: its the only book thats managed multiple its for the betterment of our youth comments. a) i didnt miss the anti-drug sentiments. b) is fearmongering the best way we can come up with to keep kids from becoming drug addicts? that makes me sad inside
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Book Review -- Go Ask Alice

Go Ask Alice Summary

Sign in. A year-old girl in lates America is sucked into an odyssey of sex and drugs and eventually seeks help. When the family moves for the college-English-professor father's new job, Alice apprehensively approaches the unfamiliar and befriends another shy girl, Beth, who shares her outsider status. But when summer separates them with Beth leaving for camp, Alice finds herself befriended by the "in" crowd, who introduce her to drugs. She likes how drugs make her feel less inhibited and is thrilled to be involved with college-man Richie. But she becomes addicted, taking uppers to deal with her parents, then sleeping pills to get off the drug-induced highs. She abandons Beth and gets to feeling that drugs are the only things that make her happy, until she and her "in" friends all must get involved in pushing drugs to keep themselves in cash.

Free summary and analysis of the events in Anonymous, edited by Beatrice Sparks's Go Ask Alice that won't make you snore. We promise.
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Chapter Analysis of Go Ask Alice

These notes were contributed by members of the GradeSaver community. A fifteen-year-old girl begins writing diary entries on September 16th. Her identity is anonymous, her hometown is unnamed and the specific year is not stated. With the suburban setting and her nuclear family consisting of her Father, Mother and younger siblings, Tim and Alexandra , it's an average premise. From the very first scribing, her heightened sense of morality and intense observations are evident. She refers to the diary as a "special friend," and uses it as an emotional conduit. The first month primarily contains the expected lamentations of an undistinguished teenager; she has a melodramatic breakup with a boy named Roger, faces ensuing scrutiny at school, dismisses her fifteenth birthday as "nothing" and self-loathes after gaining seven pounds of body fat.

An unnamed fifteen-year-old diarist, whom the novel's title refers to as Alice, starts a diary. With a sensitive, observant style, she records her adolescent woes: she worries about what her crush Roger thinks of her; she loathes her weight gain; she fears her budding sexuality; she is uncomfortable at school; she has difficulty relating to her parents. Alice's father, a college professor, accepts a teaching position at a different college and the family will move at the start of the new year, which cheers Alice up. The move is difficult. While the rest of her family adjusts to the new town, Alice feels like an outcast at school. Soon she meets Beth, a Jewish neighbor, and the two become fast friends.

The novel is in epistolary format, being comprised entirely of diary entries and as such, was first thought to be an auto-biography. By the end she is institutionalized for a bad acid trip. When she is let out of the institution, she vows to get clean but dies three weeks later of mysterious circumstances. The book has been adapted several times, including a television movie and a stage play. An anonymous writer records her first entry in a journal. Being asked out made Alice think that she might finally have some beautiful thoughts to share with a diary and that she should write them down.

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  1. An unnamed fifteen-year-old diarist, whom the novel's title refers to as Alice, starts a diary. While the rest of her family adjusts to the new town, Alice feels like an outcast at school. At the party, Alice unwittingly drops LSD and experiences a fantastic drug trip.

  2. When the girls walk in on Richie and Ted stoned and having sex with each other, they realize their boyfriends were just using them.

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