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stories about right and wrong

Right And Wrong Quotes (240 quotes)

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Doing The Right Thing - Moral Values For Kids - Moral Stories For Children HD

Beyond Right & Wrong. Link to video owner's profile Beyond Right & Wrong: Stories of Justice and Forgiveness - Public Trailer.

Beyond Right and Wrong: Stories of Justice and Forgiveness

I was the youngest of three boys. We lived in a four-room house with our parents. There was no hot-running water. We heated water on an oil stove, which doubled as our heating source in the winter. We washed our hair in the kitchen sink and took baths in our rooms, using a cloth and a bucket of hot water. I guess you could say we were poor. Dad had a job, but he spent all extra money on alcohol.

Regina normally loved the market fair. The castle courtyard was full of stalls, all filled with goods from the countryside. Smells filled the air, along with all the bustling and clamor that went with it. It had the air of people enjoying themselves, and not afraid of showing it. Roasting meats, cages of live chickens, baskets of fruits, cloth, grains The earth was bountiful this year, and the kingdom's people had prospered.

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Paired personal interviews of aggressors and victims from Northern Ireland, Rwanda, Israel, and Palestine, "Beyond Right and Wrong" examines anger, understanding, remorse, tolerance, and sometimes clemency. The survivors' stories are haunting and inspiring, and the film is a meditation on justice and its role in national and personal healing. One century after the Easter Rising of , Ireland is marking a defining moment in its history. Watch Now. Experience the hidden human side of the hour economy through the eyes of five night-shift workers. Learn More.

Morals are formed out of a person's values. Values are the foundation of a person's ability to judge between right and wrong. Morals build on this to form specific, context-driven rules that govern a person's behavior. They're formed from a person's life experience and are subject to opinion. For example, someone's morals might indicate they're opposed to murder. That's a pretty general rule of thumb.

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