I want to know everything about you

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i want to know everything about you

Quote by Amy Hempel: I want to know everything about you, so I tell ...

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Published 07.12.2018

Rascal Flatts- Take Me There (lyrics)

You don't need to know everything (but you should know something well)

Getting into a relationship is like moving to a new city. At first, it feels almost like a vacation, with constant discoveries. Then, you still like it, but it's just less interesting. And part of the problem is that you run out of questions to ask your partner. It's the fact that someone has chosen you to share these things with, and that you've chosen someone else to share your stories with.

2. What's the biggest hardship you've ever overcome?

Chris had finished washing his face, an uncanny habit of rising early prying at him a few minutes earlier. Planting a light kiss on her cheek, Chris only hoped she could hear his soft whispers against her ear. Resting a hand against her shoulder, he continued regardless. But he wanted to know more than he could fathom. Thanks lauraboline for tagging me, honey!

Add to list. I want to know more about you, The mystery of your scars. Secrets rolled like old cigars, Or California rolls on mats of bamboo. I want to know the little things too, Your favorite songs, The things that you do. I want to see the world through your eyes, Know how you feel, And the hearts you steal. You've already filled my stomach with butterflies. I want to feel your warm embrace, To know just who you are.

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