What is o brother where art thou about

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what is o brother where art thou about

O Brother, Where Art Thou? Quotes by Joel Coen

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O Brother, Where Art Thou? - Trailer - (2000) - HQ

5 Reasons 'O Brother, Where Art Thou?' Is One Of The Greatest Movies In The History Of Ever

All of it, the whole shoot was fun. But he's still very much the same guy. He's perfectly willing to go wherever we ask him to, which is the mark of a real actor. Yes, he was a prankster even then. Any hints, George? John hasn't seen the film in years.

The Coens claimed their " Fargo " was based on a true story, but later confided it wasn't; this time they confess they haven't actually read The Odyssey. Still, they've absorbed the spirit. Like its inspiration, this movie is one darn thing after another. The film is a Homeric journey through Mississippi during the Depression--or rather, through all of the images of that time and place that have been trickling down through pop culture ever since. There are even walk-ons for characters inspired by Babyface Nelson and the blues singer Robert Johnson, who speaks of a crossroads soul-selling rendezvous with the devil. Bluegrass music is at the heart of the film, as it was of " Bonnie and Clyde ," and there are images of chain gangs, sharecropper cottages, cotton fields, populist politicians, river baptisms, hobos on freight trains, patent medicines, watt radio stations and Klan rallies. The movie's title is lifted from Preston Sturges' comedy "Sullivan's Travels" it was the uplifting movie the hero wanted to make to redeem himself , and from Homer we get a Cyclops, sirens bathing on rocks, a hero named Ulysses, and his wife Penny, which is no doubt short for Penelope.

Sign in. Breakout star Erin Moriarty of " The Boys " shouts out her real-life super squad of actors. Watch now. Dude, let's go bowling. A stubborn teenager enlists the help of a tough U. Marshal to track down her father's murderer.

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Sign in. In the deep south during the s, three escaped convicts search for hidden treasure while a relentless lawman pursues them. Sprung from a chain gang and trying to reach Everett's home to recover the buried loot of a bank heist they are confronted by a series of strange characters--among them sirens, a cyclops, bank robber George "Baby Face" Nelson very annoyed by that nickname , a campaigning governor and his opponent, a KKK lynch mob, and a blind prophet who warns the trio that "the treasure you seek shall not be the treasure you find.

O Brother, Where Are Thou? And to this day it remains my favorite film. O Brother transcends age, tastes, and even sociopolitical leanings. It's Mitt Romney's fave flick , and he's pretty much the polar opposite of most HuffPost bloggers. Here are five reasons this comedic gem is one of the all-time greats

Peter Bradshaw: [It] has brio, wit, and style, and the whole picture is air-cushioned with appealing comedy and its own unassuming good nature. Simply: this is a film which is impossible to dislike. This is what happened in the sweltering Delta. O Brother, Where Art Thou? Live Aid to Sonic Death Monkey — the best gigs at the movies. As the Queen and Elton John biopics prove, great concert performances are at the heart of the best films about music.

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  1. O Brother, Where Art Thou? is a crime comedy film written, produced, and directed by Joel and Ethan Coen, and starring George Clooney, John Turturro.

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