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about sir syed ahmed khan

Syed Ahmad Khan (Author of The Causes of the Indian Revolt)

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Published 05.12.2018

Sir Syed- The Messenger...a documentary film

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In , Syed Ahmad entered the service of East India Company and went on to become a judge at a Small Causes Court in , retiring from service in During the Indian Rebellion of , he remained loyal to the British Empire and was noted for his actions in saving European lives. Believing that the future of Muslims was threatened by the rigidity of their orthodox outlook , Sir Syed began promoting Western—style scientific education by founding modern schools and journals and organising Muslim entrepreneurs. Syed heavily critiqued the Indian National Congress. Syed maintains a strong legacy in Pakistan and among Indian Muslims.

Sir Syed Ahmad Taqvi bin Syed Muhammad Muttaqi KCSI commonly known as Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, was a Muslim pragmatist, Islamic reformist, philosopher.
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Jump to navigation. Syed Ahmed bin Muttaqi Khan commonly known as Sir Syed Ahmed Khan was an Indian Muslim pragmatist, social reformist, historian, and philosopher of the nineteenth century. He was born on October 17, , in Delhi and started his career as a civil servant.

Sir Syed Ahmed Khan was a well-known Muslim reformer, educator and politician. Born into a family with strong Mughal connections, he received the conventional education but was a pioneer in introducing modern education for the Indian Muslim Community. Syed Ahmed was born on 17th October in Delhi. He studied Persian, Arabic, Mathematics and medicine along with the Quran. He left his conventional course but continued to study privately. He had a keen interest in literature.

In he was made a Knight Commander of the Star of India. His father, who received an allowance from the Mughal administration, became something of a religious recluse; his maternal grandfather had twice served as prime minister of the Mughal emperor of his time and had also held positions of trust under the East India Company. Starting as a clerk with the East India Company in , he qualified three years later as a subjudge and served in the judicial department at various places. Sayyid Ahmad had a versatile personality, and his position in the judicial department left him time to be active in many fields. His career as an author in Urdu started at the age of 23 with religious tracts. Widely read by British officials, it had considerable influence on British policy.

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