Questions about ghosts and spirits

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questions about ghosts and spirits

The All About Ghosts and the Paranormal quiz: 10 questions by Jessie Parsons

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Published 07.12.2018

Ghost Hunters: Ghost Answers Questions w/ Sensor Technology (Season 1) - A&E

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64 Questions & Answers About Ghosts

Among the vast constellation of unexplained and Fortean topics, ghosts are by far the most elusive and unknown. Not so with the most popular paranormal subject in the world: ghosts. What are ghost hunters looking for? Over the years various attempts have been made to classify and categorize ghosts by early researchers including G. Tyrrell, Eleanor Sidgwick, and others associated with the Society for Psychical Research and more recently by writers such as Brad Steiger and John Zaffis usually according to eyewitness reports. Of course there are inherent problems with classifying and categorizing potentially ambiguous and error-prone experiences. Research is only as good as the data, and the testimony and accounts of apparition witnesses simply cannot be taken at face value.

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With Halloween upon us, spirits across the land are apparently rising from the dead like ectoplasmic souffle. Where the holy spirit comes into this is uncertain. The findings are supported by our undwindling appetite for ghost stories, ghost tours and spiritualism - now second only to porn in internet popularity, and the downright scary success of Living TV's ghost-hunting series, Most Haunted, which often sees viewing figures of over three million.

In June, Sheila Sillery-Walsh, a British tourist visiting the historic island-prison of Alcatraz in San Francisco, claimed that she captured an image of a ghost in a picture she snapped on her iPhone. In the frame of what was otherwise supposed to be a picture of an empty prison cell was a blurry black and white image of a woman. The photo, taken on her iPhone while on a trip to Ethiopia, shows a boy looking down at leaves he is holding in his hands. Seemingly superimposed onto the boy is another image of the boy, hands in a different position and eyes looking straight at the camera. Then a few weeks later I discovered an image of a man in the background of a photo I took with my own iPhone. Recent surveys have shown that a significant portion of the population believes in ghosts, leading some scholars to conclude that we are witnessing a revival of paranormal beliefs in Western society.

Before you answer, take a look at what researchers have found as to why people believe in ghosts. And when it comes to inexplicable, mysterious happenings, the only logical explanation is often the presence of something supernatural. This is actually a common belief among many cultures and religions. This belief gives many people comfort when they lose a loved one or are faced with their own mortality. So for those who believe in the afterlife and previous ones , it only makes sense that there are spirits lingering around.

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  1. This is when I resorted to constructing 20 questions to ask children about ghosts. I've written the list on Medium before, but, for reference, here they are again.

  2. The most popular idea is that ghosts are the earthbound spirits of the deceased. They admit that “this theory creates more questions than it answers” but.

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