Fiction books about the old south

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fiction books about the old south

Southern Book Lists

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Typee: A Romance of the South Seas - FULL AudioBook by Herman Melville - Greatest Audio Books

9 Set-in-the-South Historical Fiction Books

So to help us find the best books based in the South , we turned to Goodreads , where bibliophiles voted on the novels that vividly paint an accurate portrait of life near the Mason-Dixon line. While some picks won't surprise you, we have a feeling you'll find new favorites. But the book's gripping story about lawyer Atticus Finch, his family, and an Alabama town marred by racism and tragedy is worth re-reading. Currently, Steven Spielberg is working on a movie musical—and yes, Oprah is involved. Despite the fact that the past permeates most of the book, its subject matter is just as relevant today.

In the early 17th century, Dutch traders first captured Africans for forced labor in tobacco fields and planted the seeds of slavery in America. Large cotton plantations below the Maxon-Dixon line used and abused slaves sold through the Atlantic slave trade. After the bloody Civil War ended in , slavery was formally abolished in the United States. However, slavery is still practiced today with an estimated 30 million living enslaved worldwide. Even in the fiction genre, authors pull our attention and heartstrings by portraying historically accurate accounts on the reality of slavery. Readers connect with dehumanized slaves who are severed from their African homeland and forced into unspeakable acts. Certain scenes can be tough to witness, but books about slavery also celebrate the ingenuity and bravery of slaves who fought for freedom.

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All the Pretty Horses

My Top South Asian /Indian /First generation Western Fiction Novels

G lenn Taylor was born and raised in Huntington, West Virginia. His second novel, The Marrowbone Marble Company, was published last month. Quail Ridge is a wonderful little independent store with an impressive inventory. When I finished signing the stack of books, the store manager took them off to be shelved. I browsed. She called to me from two aisles over: 'Do you want to be shelved in fiction or Southern fiction? I thought of all the things I always think of when folks wonder about southern West Virginia's regional designation.

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  1. Stories set in the historical Southern past are full of romance, adventure, and daring characters.

  2. 9 Set-in-the-South Historical Fiction Books . Grissom doesn't just continue the story of her previous novel; she also maintains the suspense and the excellent.

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