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books about witches for adults

Witches Book Lists

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Published 07.12.2018

Magick Books For Beginner Witches and Wiccans: Part 1

14 Books Featuring Witches That Will Put A Spell On You

Skip navigation! Dusk is waning, the full moon is rising, and my faithful black cat has begun to purr. The dominion of vampires over our pop culture fixations has come and gone. And frankly, if you ask me, a lot more fun. Hear that cauldron bubbling and that distant cackling? Witches, in all their occasionally sinister and always powerful glory, are about to storm our shelves and TV screens. The proof is out there.

Some believe witch season is only once a year. I tend to fall in a different camp: witch season is every season, no matter what. Along with witch season comes the deep fascination with and desire to read YA books about witches. Find below a wide array of excellent YA books about witches. The young adult books with witches below span those titles which lean more heavily toward realistic than fantasy, as well as those which are far more toward the fantastical than realistic side. Descriptions come from Goodreads. Some of your favorites are probably missing from this list, since I kept it fairly short.

R29 Original Series

O n full moons, I used to gather with a group of women at a candle-lit table while we drank red wine and passed around bundles of sage. We had no idea what we were doing, but it felt cool to be coven-like. According to the Pew Research Center, Americans have been getting less religious but more spiritual , and the witchy and supernatural are experiencing a surge into trendy territory. But while Buffy -inspired covens may be a trend, witchcraft, sorcery, spiritualism, and all things magical have been alive and well in literature for a long time. Under the giant umbrella of magic we find spirits haunted by the trauma of ancestral stigmas or unnamed violence; an otherwise silenced group of people wielding new forms of agency and power; and alternate retellings of some real-world societal pressures.

You may think Autumn is the only time for witchery, but we say winter and witches go together like snowflakes and hot cocoa! If January has been keeping you cold, here are some witchy reads that will excite…and maybe even scare you a bit, too. Add to Bag. A Discovery of Witches , by Deborah Harkness When factions of supernatural creatures set their sights on a document that could give them the upper hand in a war, a reluctant witch must seek the protection of an equally reluctant vampire, her supposed mortal enemy. Witch stories have a tendency to emphasize the importance of family…but in this case, it could be her own family that wants her dead. Can true love between two warring beings prevail? Practical Magic , by Alice Hoffman The Owens sisters are cursed: the men that they love will always die.

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