Quotes about parents and teachers working together

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quotes about parents and teachers working together

Parenting Quotes (2121 quotes)

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Published 07.12.2018

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On the home side, there are all the things you know about your child, the help you give her for homework and her social development with siblings and peers. The information on both sides can be combined to create a fuller understanding of your child. This is not only of benefit to her but also to you and her teachers. One of the keys to parents and teachers working together is to have good communication. What may not be clear is that communication works both ways. Parent-teacher relationships only work well if a teacher not only puts in the effort to respond to your concerns and questions, but also reaches out to share concerns and compliments with you.

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As a former school teacher and school counselor and currently a mental health professional, I know the importance of teachers and parents working together to foster the success of their students. Communication is the key. Parents and teachers have a common goal: to facilitate the best educational experience possible for students. When parents and teachers communicate with one another, they are able to work together towards this common goal. Technologies like texting and e-mails have made communication between home and school more efficient, and improved in both quantity and quality. Parents and teachers alike would be well served to seek out opportunities for communication with one another on a regular basis to ensure that all students have their physical, emotional and intellectual needs met.

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