The truth about the modeling industry

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the truth about the modeling industry

Modeling Quotes (77 quotes)

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Published 08.12.2018


Secrets From The Dark Side Of The Modeling Industry

For many people, the life of a model seems to be an ideal one. You get to travel the world, wear designer clothes, all while making a lot of money. But the lifestyle of a model is not all glitz and glamour. There is a lot that goes on when the cameras aren't flashing that might shock anyone who isn't familiar with the modeling world. Here are some things you may not know about the modeling world.

Fashion models are presented to the world as the perfect images of beauty and glamor, the very standard to which every woman should aspire. What is far lesser known is the dark world that underlies that portrait of seeming perfection. One model has decided to break her silence and speak out about her experiences in an exclusive interview with Women in the World. The daughter of a Venezuelan fashion designer, Perez was able to find an agent who promised her glory and money. When the offer came to go to France and work with a modeling agency there, she took it in a heartbeat.

Sashaying down the catwalk in their billowing patterned dresses and asymmetric coats, the models on the Balenciaga runway were the talk of Paris Fashion Week last weekend. Instead, the audience found themselves staring at the girls themselves: stick-thin, with emaciated limbs, protruding collarbones and a haunted look in their eyes. And sadly, still typical in the world of fashion. There was something in particular that had shifted the world's focus onto this particular catwalk. Days before, the luxury fashion house found itself embroiled in allegations of exploitation and cruelty towards the young women who attended a casting call for the show. Catwalk casting agent and industry veteran James Scully, who has worked with designers Stella McCartney and Tom Ford, fiercely criticised Balenciaga in a shocking post on the photo-sharing social network Instagram in which he accused the label's casting directors of treating girls like cattle at a meat market. An investigation by the Daily Mail has found that, accidental or not, abuse is rife in the fashion industry.

The modeling industry is notoriously cutthroat. As a result social media has become their soapbox, but many are still reluctant to voice their own frustrations.
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Protecting Underage Models Becomes a Federal Issue

For decades, modeling was a silent profession, where women were supposed to be seen and never heard. A month later, models. And in May, an Instagram post by the model Ulrikke Hayer in which she accused a casting director for a Louis Vuitton cruise show of telling her to consume nothing but water for 24 hours went viral. The day after the water edict, she was informed that she would not walk in the show. Indeed, social media platforms have become part of their selling power, often included on their measurement cards. Many use these tools to express their belief that for all of its seeming glamour, the modeling industry remains overrun with problems that include labor exploitation, sexual harassment and body shaming. Below, women in different stages of their careers sound off on their experiences.

Shannon Quinn , Updated April 30, When one sees a model online, in a magazine, on a billboard, or in a runway show, we tend to envy them for their beauty. In our society , we assume that beauty is the ticket to happiness. It becomes the most desirable attribute, to the extent that people spend thousands of dollars on diets and plastic surgery to become just a little bit better-looking. Almost no one feels sorry for models, and they believe the worst thing they ever experience is eating disorders. The sad reality is that the modeling industry lures in young people who have dreams of fame and abuses them in more ways than one.


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