Short story about global warming

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short story about global warming

Winds of Change: Short Stories about Our Climate by Mary Woodbury

About time some serious writers and artists engaged with the biggest issue of our time–maybe all time. These stories show that engagement fully underway!
-Bill McKibben, founder

This anthology is a diverse collection of eighteen insightful, witty, and emotional short stories about climate change. The selected stories are the result of a short story contest run by in the summer of 2014. In collaboration with 100,000 Poets (Artists/Authors) for Change, engaged authors from Vancouver, BC, and other places around the world, to create speculative fiction about a harsh reality: our planet-at-risk. With a foreword by Michael Rothenberg, Winds of Change also includes several poems by Stephen Siperstein and Carolyn Welch.

The selected short stories include the winner Robert Sassors First Light and honorable mentions by authors John Atcheson, Rachel May, JL Morin, Anneliese Schultz, and Craig Spence. Other authors include Gabriella Brand, Paul Collins, Conor Corderoy, M.E. Cooper, Charlene DAvanzo, Michael Donoghue, JoeAnn Hart, Janis Hindman, Clara Hume, Stephan Malone, Christopher Rutenber, and Keith Wilkinson.

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