Fun facts about child soldiers

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fun facts about child soldiers

Child Soldier: When Boys and Girls Are Used in War by Jessica Dee Humphreys

The authors memoir of his early life in Congo and the time he was kidnapped by rebels to be trained as a child soldier. He speaks of the harsh realities of his young life, his escape, his stolen childhood that cannot ever be returned even after hes back home, and his eventual immigration to Canada. An honest, eye-opening book for todays Western children to see what life is like for so many children in this world. Michel was five when he was taken as a soldier and while this book doesnt hide any realities it does keep information appropriate for younger readers. Sharon McKays War Brothers: The Graphic NovelWar Brothers set in Uganda is a much more brutally raw story for older readers and the better of the two, imo. However, Child Soldier is certainly a touching and inspiring story to start with on the subject.
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Once more - Palestinian TV Promoting child soldiers

Although improvements have been made to end the use of child soldiers, it is believed that close to , child soldiers are still being recruited and forced into war across the world today. Child soldiers are children under the age of 18, some even as young as seven years of age, who are used for any purpose in a military or armed group. Child soldiers can act as cooks, messengers, informants, soldiers, suicide bombers or even sex slaves.
Jessica Dee Humphreys

10 Shocking Facts About Child Soldiers In Africa

Many people think of a soldier as a person who has voluntarily put their life at risk once again for their country. People most often think of a child as a young person with few responsibilities and very little stress. But for millions of children around the world this is not the case, many of them are recruited by governments to fight in wars. They are called child soldiers. Many of them are brainwashed to think it is okay to be serving in war zones at such a young age and often end up having psychological problems. Blog - Latest News. Some children are under the age of 10 when they are forced to serve.

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FARC rebels pose with an unidentified girl holding a weapon in southern Colombia in this undated photo confiscated by the Colombian police and released to the media in Thousands of boys and girls have been used as child soldiers by Colombia's largest leftist rebel group, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia FARC , in its five-decade war against the government. But it is hoped that child soldiers will soon be a scourge of the past as they will no longer be part of guerrilla ranks. Earlier this month, FARC commanders agreed to release soldiers under 15 from their ranks as part of peace talks the rebels are holding with the Colombian government. The two sides have been negotiating a peace deal for more than three years in a bid to end half a century of war. A deadline for a final peace deal was missed in March, but Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos said this month that his government hoped to conclude a peace deal with the FARC rebels "in the very near future".

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  1. This Christmas the Independent, working with Unicef, is campaigning to raise money on behalf of child soldiers in the Central African Republic.

  2. Help us achieve universal ratification of the child soldiers treaty by writing the ambassadors for key countries.

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