Search for clues about zimmers missing android

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search for clues about zimmers missing android

An Odd1s 'x-rate' books on Goodreads (241 books) Official website

Marcus, just 17, goes from online kid gamer winston w1n5t0n to terrorist Mikey M1k3y, caught at fore-front of resistance by US DHS (Department of Homeland Security). After the San Francisco commuter (not scenic Golden Gate) bridge blows up with hundreds of casualties, many thought dead by family and friends, including Marcs best friend Darryl, are actually injured, jailed secretly on a nearby island, and tortured by DHS. (X-rated for water-boarding.) Marcs and Darryls mutual crush, pretty Vanessa, refugee with family from harsh North Korean society, walks away. Marc loses a lifetime friendship, fast replaced by hot-blooded Ange. (X-rated for going all the way.)

First his dad believes inconveniences of innocents mistaken for terrorists is worth cost, everyone caught is guilty of something - drug pusher, speeder. He represents the deluded, readers, who still wants to trust those in charge. Finally, repeatedly arrested, maltreated, he understands mis-knit fishing nets trap good people, not criminals. I did skim, but stop for bang-up climax.

Geek-talk almost makes sense. My skills are out-dated, but I have Lotus 123 in common with author. Linux operating system is real, favorite of classmates, but Paranoid site p204, utility for stripping camera photo signature at Instructables, contribution from w1n5t0n is fictional. Lesson is to beware, not download willy-nilly. Maybe criminals and hackers have more freedom than governments? Particle of truth can mislead into falsehood, danger.

Humor found more in nerdy recreation. Heavy subject made edible. Clearly oriented to YA niche audience, but affects (untrustworthy over-25) adults too. Dickensian Clockwork Fagin more fantastical, preferred. ...

(view spoiler)[
Freebie games consoles are platform for underground Xnet unites to start. When they stop, the new lovers misunderstand each other, do not speak for four days p244. With arphid code cloner, a rebel passes people in the street, and jamming, rewrites any tracking codes they carry (phones, library books) to confuses innocent trails, plan concerts, trust spies. Crypto key p151 concept beyond me, but obviously vulnerable when spread to unknowns, friends of friends of friends and so on.

Luck, good or bad, has undue influence, directs plot. Barbara Stratford, investigative reporter, is deus ex machina, old friend of parents and bigwig. Darryls dad, Ron Glover just happened to teach him Morse code. Re-appearances of bullies Charles, Masha p316 highly coincidental, devil ex machina? (hide spoiler)]

Troublesome tidbits
Web chats _underscore_ around italicized words p244, like book on Kobo where first seen.
Bail should not be another $50K for first time under $400 p355, even repeat offender petty theft is $10K
Keroacs On the Road p220 may be a 17 year old boy thing, not mine. Jack Reads Last Page

Possibly scarier for Americans raised on memorized Declaration of Rights
states all men are created equal with Rights to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness - note pursuit, not the emotion itself, dependent on brain and body chemicals.

Bad enough for Canadians who went through 1970s suspension of rights during Quebec crisis. Canadas Charter of Rights waffles t subject only to such reasonable limits prescribed by law and restricts right to life, liberty and security of the person and the right not to be deprived thereof except in accordance with the principles of fundamental justice. Oh dear. The ending could have been drastically different only a few miles north.

Researching Rights here p137 and around the world for DVD Mrs Caldicots Cabbage War , found governments vary,
Even the World Health Organization Constitution only cites certain principles are basic to the happiness, harmonious relations and security of all peoples.
Now increasing surveillance even infects entertainment. See TV Person of Interest preview.

Sources: (sites differ from book)
Wired magazine I used to buy on racks in stores .. olden, not necessarily golden days.
The Hacker Crackdown by Bruce Sterling 1993
Electronic Frontier Foundation
The Onion Router
Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson 2002 - Two plots 2000ish, WW2
Pirate Party Sweden English

or is Marcus, out of character, supposed to be joking?:
Mom and Dad are only named once, that I could find, old-style hand search. Dad is Drew p134. Who is mom?
p298 Marcus introduces his mother - Louisa, or is it Lillian?

Ange, this is my mom Louisa.
A pleasure to meet you, Mrs. Yallow, she said.
Its Lillian, love, she said.

Wiki says Lillian, and Ill guess Mother knows best, but the passage still strikes off kilter.

arphid RFID Radio Frequency ID tag on every library book p21, ID card, transit pass, commuter toll permit, bank card, encoded plastic everything ..
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Fallout 3 Random Encounters (The most rare encounters)

Sided with Zimmer Wired Reflexes Karma. Zimmer in the Rivet City science lab is missing an android and came to the scientific center of the Capital Wasteland to investigate its disappearance. Having not gotten anywhere with his inquiries, Zimmer asks you to track down an android that has escaped.

The Replicated Man

Rivet City is a settlement at the far southeastern end of the Capital Wasteland. You have to visit this city several times during your main adventure, but side quests aplenty or simple exploration will bring you to Rivet City at other times, as well. Therefore, when and how you run into the man responsible for this side quest, a scientist named Dr. Zimmer, is completely random. Chances are you'll meet him in Dr. Li's laboratory when you visit her about Project Purity, but if you find Rivet City before then, or want to talk to Dr.

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Received from: automatically after finding a clue about replicant's existence or from Doctor Zimmer [ Rivet City - science lab ]. Solution: The most obvious way to begin this quest is to talk to Doctor Zimmer. You can find him in the science lab located in Rivet City. I assume that you'll find clues of android's existence long before you take trip to Rivet City. Thankfully you won't have to visit all these locations nor to ask all related NPC's. I would recommend that you stop your search once you find out that Pinkerton might have more information concerning the replicated man.

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The Replicated Man is a Fallout 3 side quest. The quest follows the story of an unidentified humanoid robotic prototype, an android , who is hiding from its creator somewhere in the Capital Wasteland.

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