Things you never really think about

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things you never really think about

Quote by Bob Marley: “Only once in your life, I truly believe, you fi...”

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Published 09.12.2018

15 Brutal TRUTHS People Don't Want To Hear

30 Amazing Things That Get Mind-Boggling If You Really Think About Them

Think about your life and all the places you have been and all the things you have accomplished. Have you ever truly arrived? I know you may have arrived at a place where you are comfortable, but are there not new people to meet, new places to go, new goals to achieve? That list is perpetual until we take our final breath. My point here is that no matter how much money you have made, how much success you have achieved, or how famous you have become, you never truly arrive.

I do shit like that sometimes. You know, serious, funny, witty, stoic, focused, humble, demure, etc. Most every writer struggles with this in some way. How do you convey your full personality through words? How do you let people know your full values, traits and even quirks through writing? Without the courage and skills, many of us end up with a half-assed persona online.

Some people have skeletons in their closet; some, just a few bones. We probably also checked and rechecked the refrigerator to see if the food fairies magically brought something delicious during the binge-watch. Sound familiar? How exactly is turning down the volume going to help us parallel park? Who knows!

19 Things You Never Really Thought About Before. Pictures that will make you say "Huh This is kinda cool I guess?" Posted on March 4.
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Ever tried to cut your hair in front of the mirror? Your hand keeps going to the wrong side of your head. What happens to your hand, happens continuously to our thoughts. But when you do want to think about something your thoughts are all over the place. This is the case with obsessive intrusions. It sounds more complicated than it actually is. To intrude means to come uninvited or unwanted and that describes exactly what happens.

Relationships that never really get started can be quite complicated. Maybe they intentionally never really take off, maybe the timing just doesn't seem to be right, maybe you're keeping your distance, but if you're dealing with a "sort of" relationship, sometimes you feel like you need to make it clear that things are ending before you can move on or before a new relationship takes off. Ending a relationship that never truly started can seem sort of daunting, but it's ultimately really not all that different than ending any other relationship, other than the fact that it may not always need to be as serious. Whereas in established relationships it might be necessary to discuss some past issues that lead to the desire to move on, this does not need to be the case here. Often times people get into these situations because they have not been on the same page in some way.

Many people with false memory OCD have thoughts of when they had consumed alcohol, worrying that they may not be able to remember the whole night. Common to this OCD symptom is a sudden, striking thought that something bad happened at a specified time and place. At first, details of the false memory will seem fuzzy, but you ruminate, the more real they become. The situation can soon get out of control, with sufferers spending hours going over the thoughts in their heads. Some people get so poorly that they believe they have been raped or have murdered someone, despite there being a lack of evidence that this happened. Last year, my partner and I went through a bit of a bad patch because I was struggling with my mental health.

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