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frank ocean quotes about life

Frank Ocean Quotes (Author of Boys Dont Cry)

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Published 11.12.2018

Inspirational & Motivational Frank Ocean Quotes - Take Your Life To The Next Level

50 Frank Ocean Quotes May Change Your Life

We've spent enough time with both sublime projects to isolate the best lyrics—of which there are tons. From "Godspeed": There will be mountains you won't move Still I'll always be there for you. From "Seigfried": I can't relate to my peers I'd rather live outside I'd rather chip my pride than lose my mind out here. From "Nights": Every night fucks every day up Every day patches the night up. From "Solo": I'm skippin showers and switchin socks, sleepin good and long Bones feelin dense as fuck, wish a na would cross.

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1. "Swim Good"

Wolves Kanye West Feat. Frank Ocean, Vic Mensa & Sia (Audio)

If today feels like the greatest day you've had in quite some time, chances are you bought Frank Ocean's highly anticipated album, Blonde , and have been listening to it non-stop. The album was delayed for quite some times, and that time spent working clearly paid off, judging by the lyrics to Ocean's Blonde songs, which are seriously on point. Bathing yourself in the sweet sounds of the singer's voice in combination with the beautiful beats and his creative lyrics truly may be a step onto the path of enlightenment. Whether they invoke a tear, or a chuckle, or even just a small smile, the well-written lyrics of this album will make you feel so much. Great thought seems to have gone into every single line in every song on this album, but there are a few that really caught my ear with their wit, poignance, and the passion behind them. Now that fans have finally got the product of Ocean's years-long efforts in their hands , the wait truly feels well worth it, and the 18 great lyrics below show just how much work Ocean put into making this album a must-hear. Both of the references in this line from "Nikes" are hilarious.

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