Why do i feel confused about life

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why do i feel confused about life

Confused Quotes (102 quotes)

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Published 11.12.2018


4 Ways To Find Direction When You Are Feeling Confused

I am year old female, at a stage where everything I touch is turning into dust, nothing is working out. I am so scared to start something new or venture to new horizons, because I am failing continuously over the last year. I had it figured out, but it did not go as planned. I have not achieved anything, in terms of marriage, career, kids. I do not measure up to anyone. I see friends, family and colleagues around me, they have there life sorted.

Yet, here you are: miserable, mediocre, lost and confused. I did ALL of those things a couple of years ago while I was desperately trying to figure out my calling in life. And after exhausting all of these options, I reached the conclusion that there was something wrong with me. Believe it or not, I concluded that I had some sort of genetic abnormality that made me incapable of ever feeling happy or fulfilled. So how did I move from lost and confused to clear about what I wanted in life and how to achieve it? Real transformational change only happens when you give up control.

We all get confused at times, but prolonged periods of confusion can cause us to feel that we are stuck in a never-ending, foggy web of uncertainty. Confusion can make us feel powerless, anxious, stressed and a whole host of other draining emotions. Yes, while confusion can stir up a seamlessly never-ending cloud of fog that envelops everything around you, it is also a sign of great and powerful change.
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You feel lost not because you are but because you continue to look at others and where they are and compare it to you. As if letting yourself be happy is wrong., You have much more clarity than you think. Re-read that last line again.

Not doing something when you feel lost and confused is a healthy action. This becomes your mantra when the lost and confused sort of anxiety is nipping at your heels. I want to help you look straight-on at the things that are difficult to be with, and part of that means getting real about what it is that you want to change. How will cultivate courage, boldness, bravery? How will you stay on-course?



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  1. First, when you're feeling lost and confused, do this: don't do anything. That's why I offer the free Shift Plan to all Your Courageous Life subscribers (click the.

  2. The purpose of life is to live a life of purpose. ? Richard Leider I believe you feel lost and confused about life because you lack a strong sense.

  3. The beauty about being stuck and confused in life is that there really is Here is what you can do to overcome your confusion and find the joy.

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