Childrens books about working together

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childrens books about working together

Popular Picture Book Teamwork Books

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Books about teamwork help kids begin to understand how they can be better together. You can find these books at your local library or purchase through the affiliate links provided for your convenience. We even have The Giant Jam Sandwich on audio — and have listened to this great story over and over.
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18 Children’s Books That Encourage Cooperation

Cooperation in the classroom and at home is vitally important for kids to understand. These books about cooperation are all fabulous to bring this message across in a fun way. Kindergarten Planet and I loved sharing the best books about cooperation! Cooperation is a hugely important thing for children to learn about and have opportunities to practice. This important skill should be taught, modeled, and practiced frequently.

Discussion, books, example and even movies can be helpful. Below are some of our favorite books that teach different aspects of teamwork. And, bonus, each one would be a great discussion starter! I have them linked below and I wrote down the main message about teamwork that I think each one does a good job of teaching. Keeping that in mind is essential to a team that works well.

From Forbes and Fast Company to Entrepreneur and Harvard Business Review , the internet abounds with articles and magazines on how to build the workplace of tomorrow. Harold is a 4-year-old boy with a vivid imagination. He uses a purple crayon to create his own world by drawing it into being. He draws the moon so he can take a walk in the moonlight; he draws an apple tree—and then a dragon to guard his apples; and finally, he draws a house and a bed so he can go to sleep. Teamwork is simply the process of converting imagination into reality. The inherent goodness of Charlie Bucket is amplified against the greed of Augustus Gloop, the brattiness of Veruca Salt, the competitiveness of Violet Beauregarde, and the arrogance of Mike Teavee. As it turns out, Willy Wonka was a trailblazing recruiter.

This list of the best kids books about teamwork is sure to include a new favorite for the voracious young reader in your life!.
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Children’s Books That Encourage Cooperation

Teamwork Isn't My Thing, and I Don't Like to Share! by Julia Cook

Books about teamwork for kids come in handy any time of the year. We often want to encourage our kids to work as a team to build community and work on projects. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success. Swimmy by Leo Lionni is an older story about one fish teaching they other fish that if they work together then they can overcome danger. The Juice Box Bully by Maria Dismondy is the story of a class who work together to help a bully realize the wrong in his ways.

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  1. Are you looking for picture books that encourage cooperation? With the publication of Yoga Friends, a book to help children learn yoga poses with a partner.

  2. But while repeating them over and over when needed is a great place to start, it can feel more like a list of rules than concrete tools for interacting with others.

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