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books to read about politics

Popular To Read Politics Books

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Published 11.12.2018

Bill Gates' Top Book Recommendations - #FavoriteBooks

Popular To Read Politics Books

Make Your Own List. Stephen Bush , special correspondent at the New Statesman, selects five of the best politics books. Interview by Cal Flyn. Stephen Bush is special correspondent at the New Statesman and was named political commentator of the year by Editorial Intelligence in He writes the daily briefing newsletter Morning Call, and served on the judging panel of the Baillie Gifford Prize for nonfiction. The learning curve for me as a judge for that prize was in realising how high the quality of non-fiction was overall, compared to political non-fiction.

John M. Callahan, Ph. Mearsheimer writes the ultimate tract on realism in international affairs, reaching the sad conclusion that peace among nations is a utopian dream. He also addresses the primacy of land power and wealth in this context, and explains the rise of the U. Rodman, who served in several presidential administrations, provides insights on a series of critical questions about how leadership works at the highest level of government. Through the prism of the presidencies from Nixon through to George W. Bush, Rodman focuses on how presidents choose their senior cabinet officials, how they empower or disempower key leaders, how they handle failure, and how they choose to receive or reject the advice of their advisors and the bureaucracy.

Our Best Politics Books

Wall Street booms as regular folks struggle from paycheck to paycheck. Armed fanatics mow down crowds in Texas and Ohio. Toddlers are caged along our Southern border. Will our republic survive? These are the times that try our souls, but at our disposal we have the most brilliant weapon of all: books. Thomas Paine and Abigail Adams knew it. So did Frederick Douglass and Toni Morrison.

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