The truth about lady gaga

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the truth about lady gaga

Poker Face: The Rise and Rise of Lady Gaga by Maureen Callahan

Stop feeding me bullshit. Tell me the truth.--Lady Gaga, 2009
I hate the truth. I hate the truth so much I prefer a giant dose of bullshit any day over the truth.--Lady Gaga, 2010

In little over a year, Stefani Germanotta, a struggling performer in New Yorks Lower East Side burlesque scene, has become the global demographic-smashing pop icon known as Lady Gaga. She is a once-in-a-decade artist, a gifted singer, composer, designer, and performance artist who mixes high and low culture, the avant-garde with the accessible, authenticity with artifice.

Who is Lady Gaga? She is a twenty-four-year-old woman whose stage mantra--Im a free bitch!--is the polar opposite of who she is offstage: isolated, insecure, and unable to be alone. She is an outre artist who wanted to be a sensitive singer-songwriter, whose musical heroes include Britney Spears, Billy Joel, and Bruce Springsteen. She is a woman who says no man can ever compete with her career, but who still isnt over the ex-boyfriend who said she was too ambitious. She claims not to care what people think, but spends her downtime online, reading what people have to say about her. She claims to be a con artist and utterly authentic. She is never less than compelling.

Based on over fifty original interviews with friends, employees, rivals, and music industry veterans, Poker Face is the first in-depth biography of the extraordinary cultural phenomenon that is Lady Gaga.

Quotes from Poker Face:
Its a privilege to be here tonight to open for Lady Gaga. Ive made it.--President Barack Obama, October 2009
I remember thinking, That could be her. But I hope its not.--Producer Rob Fusari
Her crazy outfit was putting suspenders on her jeans.--former classmate
She is perfectly, almost genetically engineered to be a twenty-first-century pop star.--Eric Garland, CEO,
If you looked at her, youd think she was a jam band chick. She had a heady, grimy vibe.--former NYU classmate Jon Sheldrick
Shes not progressive, but shes a good mimic. She sounds more like me than I f---ing do!--Singer/rapper M.I.A.
You wont be able to order a cup of coffee at the f---ing deli without hearing or seeing me.--Lady Gaga to an ex-boyfriend, 2008
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The Untold Truth Of A Star Is Born

Truth About Bradley Cooper’s Involvement In Lady Gaga’s New Romance

She learned music at an early age and was performing onstage in New York City clubs by the time she was a teenager. She studied at Tisch for two years before dropping out to manage her own career. After dropping out, she began transforming herself from Germanotta into Lady Gaga, whose style combined glam rock and over-the-top fashion design. That same year Lady Gaga, who also wrote songs for other pop artists such as Fergie, the Pussycat Dolls, and Britney Spears , was signed by the singer Akon and Interscope Records and began preparing her debut album, The Fame , which was released in Her fashion combined with her up-tempo, synthetic dance music and her edgy, theatrical performance to create stunning sounds and visuals. Indeed, while producing music, Lady Gaga also created her own sexually charged fashions—replete with dazzling wigs and space-age bodysuits—through her creative team Haus of Gaga. The Fame was well received critically and proved enormously successful commercially, selling more than eight million copies worldwide by the end of

6 days ago Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper seemed destined for a great romance, but their rumoured relationship quickly fizzled due to the actor's.
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Early life and career

Their chemistry is palpable and naturally, fans love to imagine their favorite characters actually falling in love in real life. Lady Gaga responded to Bradley Cooper dating rumors , because there are a lot. Also, Cooper just ended his long-term relationship with Irina Shayk.

But now that Irina and Brad have split, what really happened? And did the film play a part in their break-up? Find out here During the performance the pair looked longingly at each other and caused many to question if they were "more than friends". After they had performed the song - which won the Oscar for Best Original Song - Irina sat between them in the front row of the ceremony.

She is the star Madonna always wanted to be. She is multi-talented, strong, and convincing, but fragile and vulnerable at the same time. Hollywood is full of stars, but few among them have the talent to touch us with acting and singing alike. Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe, Barbra Streisand—they were all masters of every genre they covered, singing, dancing and making their audiences laugh and cry. They were equally beloved on stage and on the silver screen. For a long time, there has been no doubt that Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, 32, known as Lady Gaga, is an outstanding singer who understands how to write songs that tug on our heartstrings, but those who have witnessed her acting figure quite rightly that she is the woman Madonna always wanted to be.

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