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something about us manga free download

Something About Us, Volume 3 by Lee Yunji

File Name: something about us manga free
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Published 12.12.2018

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There's something about their relationship that's hard to describe. What will It's Different Now (1). Free. It's Different Now (2). Free.
Lee Yunji

South Korea's booming 'webtoons' put Japan's print manga on notice

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Japan has long prided itself on being a manga powerhouse, but intense competition from overseas has left the industry at a crossroads. This changing landscape begs the question: Should Japanese manga publishers, who have for years invested first and foremost in developing print content, jump on the webtoon bandwagon to strengthen their outreach to a foreign, tech-savvy audience? Opinions among industry insiders and experts are mixed, but at least for Hideki Egami, a former editor at leading publisher Shogakukan, the answer is a definitive yes. Unlike Japanese manga, which in most cases are first marketed for a print audience and only subsequently promoted online via apps, webtoons cater to digital device users from the get-go: Their format has already been optimized for personal computers or smartphones. Webtoons typically scroll vertically and are in full color, as opposed to traditional manga, which are often black and white and read horizontally. Once they spread on popular manga apps in Japan, the digital South Korean comics immediately attracted a youth following here. Line Manga, launched by messaging giant Line Corp.

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