Facts about maps and globes

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facts about maps and globes

Maps and Globes by Jack Knowlton

This comprehensive look at geography and the environment, Maps and Globes, can take you anywhere—to the top of the tallest mountain on earth or the bottom of the deepest ocean. Maps tell you about the world: where various countries are located, where the jungles and deserts are, even how to find your way around your own hometown. If you take a fancy to any place on earth, you can go there today and still be home in time for dinner. So open a map, spin a globe. The wide world awaits you.

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Know Your Globe

The word "globe" comes from the Latin word globus, meaning round mass or sphere. Most globes are maps of the Earth. The most common types are political .
Jack Knowlton

map and globe

A globe is a picture of a planet drawn on a sphere. It is like a scale model of the planet. The word "globe" comes from the Latin word globus , meaning round mass or sphere. Most globes are maps of the Earth. The most common types are political and physical. Political globes show countries.

Globe , sphere or ball that bears a map of the Earth on its surface and is mounted on an axle that permits rotation. The ancient Greeks, who knew the Earth to be a sphere, were the first to use globes to represent the surface of the Earth. Crates of Mallus is said to have made one in about bce. In ancient times, globes also were used to represent the constellations; the earliest surviving globe is the marble Farnese globe , a celestial globe dating from about 25 ce. Some are translucent. They may also be inflatable.

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Its basic purpose is to show where things are. Maps may show visible features, such as rivers and lakes, forests, buildings, and roads. They may also show things that cannot be seen, such as boundaries and temperatures. Most maps are drawn on a flat surface. A map displayed on a round surface is called a globe.

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  1. A globe is a spherical model of Earth, of some other celestial body, or of the celestial sphere. Globes serve similar purposes to maps, but unlike maps, do not .

  2. Maps and Globes. A map is a kind of picture of an area as seen from above. A map could show the street where you live. Or it could show the entire world. Maps .

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