What is the best biography written about winston churchill

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what is the best biography written about winston churchill

Popular Winston Churchill Books

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'His Finest Hour' - Audio Biography of Winston Churchill - 1954

Exceptional in its breadth of knowledge and distinguished in its stylish wit and penetrating intelligence, Churchill is one of the finest political biographies of our time.
William Manchester

Yes, there are still things to learn about Churchill, as fine new biography reveals

Please refresh the page and retry. It is brave of Andrew Roberts, before embarking on this 1,page biography of the man routinely described as the greatest ever Briton, to point out that there have already been 1, biographies of him. It invites the question: why another? The problem with Churchill, for two reasons, is his legend. First, because of that legend, everyone who met him, from long before he directed our affairs in the darkest hour, felt it important to record every aspect and impression of him, which is why there are not just those thousand biographies, but books on what he ate, drank, wore, and so on. He was a Technicolor personality in an increasingly monochrome age, and there was plenty to record — his jokes though Roberts doubts he lacked the gallantry to tell Bessie Braddock, who accused him of being drunk, that while he would be sober in the morning, she would still be hideously ugly ; his florid orations in antique English; his apophthegms; and, of course, his awesome misjudgments.

Lead book review. Philip Ziegler. Churchill must be the most written-about figure in public life since Napoleon Bonaparte a subject, incidentally, to which Andrew Roberts has already contributed a substantial and prize-winning biography. To add anything worthwhile to this mountain requires that the author should be determined, courageous and have something new to say. Roberts has been assiduous in his research.

Paul Addison is director of the centre for second world war studies at the University of Edinburgh. My top 10 have not been arranged in order of merit - but if they had been, this would still be number one. The best source on the making of Winston Churchill is still Churchill himself. Written in late middle age, his autobiography recalled his unhappy childhood and his youthful quest for glory as a soldier and war correspondent. A classic adventure story, it was also a lament for a vanished age of aristocracy and empire. Research has moved on since then, but as an analysis of the essential Churchill the book has never been surpassed.

The 21st century has seen no diminution.
love or something like it book

France and the Benefits of a Little Dictatorship

As a young man he was mentioned in dispatches for his bravery fighting alongside the Malakand Field Force on the North-West Frontier , and subsequently he took part in the last significant cavalry charge in British history at the Battle of Omdurman in central Sudan. Later, as prime minister during World War II, and by now in his mids, he thought nothing of visiting bomb sites during the Blitz or crossing the treacherous waters of the Atlantic to see President Roosevelt despite the very real chance of being torpedoed by German U-boats.

Churchill was scapegoated by his own government for the disaster at Gallipoli during World War I. Roberts re-examines this episode, as all Churchill biographers have, and largely exculpates him. Churchill keeps pushing names that his King shoots down. So did the King… There was something almost comic about the obstinacy. Though painted as a war monger by the Hitler-appeasing Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, Churchill and a small cohort of anti-appeasers in Parliament insisted that only by standing up to Adolf Hitler could England hope to avoid another world war.

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