We are who we choose to be

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we are who we choose to be

Quote by Peter V. Brett: “We are what we choose to be, girl, she said. ...”

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Published 13.12.2018

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Do You: Why Who We Choose To Be Is Ultimately Who We Really Are

It's very obvious if you think about it. Everything in the Universe is caused by other things except for random fluctuations. Ergo random fluctuation or what ever it springs from which by definition can never be observed is essentially omnipotent. It is "God"! This would also be the source of true self. What ever is of random fluctuation what ever is of that source would reflect a person's true spirit in the most meaningful possible sense.

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My parents did this, and I responded this way; my school taught me this, and I responded like that, etc. We are so immersed in our culture and constantly submerged in a whirlwind of conflicting belief systems, patchwork morality and second-hand ideologies, it is impossible to escape the consequences. As inevitably impressionable human beings, we are all, to an extent, products of our tangled circumstances. That which produces us, however, is not what characterizes us. Instead, let a new self-perception surge forth: It is not our creators that define us, but what we create.

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Posted by Diego Crespo Jul 3, Features 0. Spider-Man as a character has always been about choice. Actions have consequences. With great power, comes great responsibility. The abilities imbue him with confidence but put everyone he loves in danger. Spider-Man is an all consuming entity. The opening shows us his last delivery as a pizza boy before he gets fired.

And it came at a very opportune time since it was released at a time when superhero films were hitting a slump in terms of ticket sales. The film tells the story of Peter Parker and how he was given the abilities of a spider, enabling him to become the superhero known as Spider-man. The Green Goblin threatens to drop them both from the top of the Queensboro Bridge and says Spider-man must have to choose who to save. While Spider-man pleads for the villain to not go through with it, the Goblin delivers the quote and releases them. Norman Osborn actually had the choice to become a force for good but he decided to take the darker path. Even though it may seem that fate might push us to do bad, we always have the choice to do the right thing.


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