Xa fabulous childs story summary

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xa fabulous childs story summary

X: A Fabulous Childs Story by Lois Gould

My 7th grade English teacher taught this to me. For the sake of privacy, I will call my teacher Mrs. Robinson (hehe). At the time I was not aware it was a picture book. Imagine having this story taught to you as some sort of great piece of literature in 7th grade. Mrs. Robinson was smart enough to print out the story on paper and take out all the pictures, but I was not surprised to find out that this is indeed a childrens book when I tried to find it as an adult.

It was incredibly condescending, much like most of PC culture. The characters were stupid and two dimensional, at best. I understand this is written for small children but let me give you a few examples

- When the kids a baby, family keep asking what gender it is, only to be, understandably, confused when the parents refuse to tell them. Oh no! Now they dont know if they should say it has strong abs or cute cheeks... Its a baby!! Whos looking at muscles of a baby? You just say its cute and move on. Simple, no one would make a big deal about that! It would be too awkward.

- When the parents go to shop for their child, they actually asked the store clerk what they should buy a little X. Again, understandably, the store clerk is completely confused and has no idea how to advise them. Can you imagine the look on a Target employees face if you asked them that? The parents actually have to go home and read a manual to figure out that if youre raising a gender-neutral child then you would just simply get a little of everything.

- Later on, another child bullies the little X. The parent of the bully, of course, stops their child and tells them that, We dont hit little.. Upon realizing she cant identify the gender of the child that her kid was bullying, she actually stops to ask X their gender. This is complete ludicrousy. All the parent had to say is we dont hit *people*, and I am really confident thats exactly what they would have said. But oh no, the author decided this was a PERFECT time to take gender into consideration where it was not necessary. Physical violence, thats normal. Lets cram more gender politics into this...

Theres more of this nonsense later, but I think you get the idea by now.

To Mrs. Robinson, please stop teaching picture books to middle schoolers. My niece is in 7th grade right now and she is reading Pride and Prejudice, work that I feel is far more relevant and still explores the ideas of gender in a sophisticated and well-written manner.

I realize that my experience with this book probably colors my opinion of it. All the same, I dont feel that gender is brought up *nearly* as often as this book indicates and this is just another step in teaching our children how they are allowed to think about themselves and their gender.
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One of the most iconic works of the unisex era is Lois Gould's short story, "X: a fabulous child's story", a tale of an "Xperiment" in gender-free.
Lois Gould

X: A Fabulous Child's Story

Short Stories, group 6. They got their wish and were given baby X by a group of scientists that created X and a manual on how to raise X. Jones taught X how to cook and play with dolls, while Mrs. What will happen to X? Will we learn what X really is? This story is about X.

Lois Gould X: A Fabulous Child's Story brings up the factor of raising a child gender-neutral within a society that categorized and stereotypes people by their.
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Males are groomed to be leaders and protectors and women to be nurturers and housewives. These stereotypes control not only young children but the adults that are raising them. These societal norms negatively affect gender. Parents encourage outdated roles in the way little girls are dressed, the toys they play with, and the books that are read to them. The overall attitude of the parents is projected onto the child, as well. Usually cuddled and kissed, girls are treated as if they are dainty and almost breakable.

Hi, Jo! The s were formative years in my life -- I graduated high school in June I think the Future did turn out to be quite bright for me and for my generation. For sure I have clothing stories: Loving my shiny red Mary Janes at First Communion -- but balking because I wasn't allowed to be an alter boy Wearing shorts under my school uniform so that I could hang and twirl on the jungle jims at recess

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  1. Plot[edit]. As part of a scientific experiment, a baby is born and its This child, Baby X, is adopted by Ms. and Mr. Jones, who promise to.

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