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lines from romeo and juliet

Romeo and Juliet Quotes by William Shakespeare

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Published 20.12.2018
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Romeo and Juliet Quotes

Romeo and Juliet is among the most popular plays ever written in the English language. Written by the master playwright William Shakespeare, it tells the story of two young lovers whose families have a long history of violence against each other. Like most plays from Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet is laden with many great dialogues. Here are 10 of the most famous quotations from the play with their explanations. This is a famous definition of love from the master playwright through his character Romeo. It starts by saying that love is a smoke that rises from the fume of sighs, i.

Alas, that love, whose view is muffled still, Should, without eyes, see pathways to his will! Why, such is love's transgression. Griefs of mine own lie heavy in my breast, Tut, I have lost myself; I am not here; This is not Romeo, he's some other where. Bid a sick man in sadness make his will: Ah, word ill urged to one that is so ill! Well, in that hit you miss: she'll not be hit With Cupid's arrow; she hath Dian's wit; She hath, and in that sparing makes huge waste, For beauty starved with her severity

Here are some well-known quotes from Romeo and Juliet in the order in which they appear in the play. A pair of star-crossed lovers take their life. Chorus, Prologue Abraham: Do you bite your thumb at us, sir? Sampson: I do bite my thumb, sir. Act 1 Scene 1 But, soft, what light through yonder window breaks? It is the east, and Juliet is the sun. Juliet, Act 2 Scene 1 Parting is such sweet sorrow.

quotes from Romeo and Juliet: 'These violent delights have violent endsAnd in their triump die, like fire and powderWhich, as they kiss, consume'.
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Find the perfect quote to float your boat. Shmoop breaks down key quotations from Romeo and Juliet.

Due to its immense popularity, some of the riveting dialogues have been repeatedly referenced in various mainstream movies. Although every act of the play features engaging quotes, the most thought-provoking and heart-rending dialogues have been delivered by the two passionate lovers Romeo and Juliet. Some of the most intriguing quotes of these two young, star-crossed lovers are discussed below with a short analysis. The aforementioned lines pertaining to the grief of unrequited love have been delivered by Romeo in the midst of his conversation with Benvolio. The depth of despair experienced by a lover who feels forsaken is conveyed through aquatic imagery. For Romeo, love is an unfathomable sea sustained by the tears of an abandoned lover. One fairer than my love?

The play follows the lives and deaths of Romeo and Juliet, two young star-crossed lovers from feuding families in Verona. What light through yonder window breaks? These violent delights have violent ends, And in their triumph die; like fire and powder, Which, as they kiss, consume: the sweetest honey Is loathsome in his own deliciousness, And in the taste confounds the appetite: Therefore love moderately: long love doth so. Spoken by Friar Lawrence before he marries Romeo off to Juliet, this short speech counsels the young lover to temper his amorous passions. In this quote, the friar uses the example of honey, which, although delicious to our taste buds, can cause serious stomach pains if we eat too much too quickly. It is Friar Lawrence who agrees to marry Romeo and Juliet, even though he knows these two lovers only met a few weeks ago. This love that thou hast shown Doth add more grief to too much of mine own.

I'll look to like, if looking liking move: But no more deep will I endart mine eye Good pilgrim, you do wrong your hand too much, Which mannerly devotion shows in this; Go ask his name: if he be married. My grave is like to be my wedding bed. My only love sprung from my only hate!

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