Kumba am and kumba amul

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kumba am and kumba amul

Kumba Am and Kumba Amul by Miranda Paul

This was a nice read. Kumba Am and Kumba Amul contains some elements of a Cinderella Story. The main character is kind and polite and is rewarded for these traits. On the other hand, the step-mother and step-sister and mean and rude and are punished for these traits. The language used in the story is reminiscent of a folk tale or fairy tale, beginning with the words ‘Once upon a time’ and ending with something along the lines of a ‘happily ever after’. The story is set up in a way that readers can relate to the main character and learn a lesson from the events of the story. Since this book is in digital format many of the design elements that would be seen in a print book are removed. In the iStoryBook app the books are formatted with the picture at the top of the page with the words on a white background below the pictures. The art style is simple yet colorful and the pictures went nicely with the words of the story.
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Coumba Amoul Ndeye

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This is an awesome fairy tale for kids for kids. Once upon a time, there were two step-sisters who lived together. One was called Kumba Am because her mother was still alive. The other was called Kumba Amul for she had lost her mother. For most days, Kumba Am played while Kumba Amul did chores. One morning after Kumba Amul had washed all of the utensils, her stepmother called out angrily. Take it and go to scrub it in the sea of Daayaan.

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Kumba Am and Kumba Amul -English Story for Kids

Use this story to help students learn about the importance of having good manners, showing kindness to others, and following directions. What does it mean to have good manners? Ask students to share ways that they show good manners to others. Explain to students that you are going to read a story about two stepsisters. One stepsister has good manners. The other stepsister does not. After reading the story, create a Venn diagram on the board.

Mr Gomez should be applauded for being the pioneer in writing and documenting our traditional folktales and fables and for his passionate support for the codification of our national languages, especially Wollof. For the past two decades, he has been a common appearance on national TV narrating his stories to the children and even adult viewers, thereby once again making the art of storytelling vibrant and relevant. Now, he has gone a step further by putting some of the hilarious and interestingly spell binding into a book form. We are here this morning to launch book one of the series. Mr Gomez is also a fervent advocate of the use of our national languages, and he also has faith in the potential of our national languages to upgrade our nations socially, politically and economically. This faith led him to study Wollof grammar at University in Senegal, in the s. He could have studied history or geography; instead he majored in Wollof grammar and has ever since firmly believed that when promoted our local languages can be as effective as the European foreign languages.

Looks great, Miranda! I just saw the sketches for my first book coming out with istorybooks, and I can hardly wait until it's out! Congrats, Miranda and Katie, too! Will this app be available for Android? I don't have an iPhone or iPad. Yes, Anne - the iStorybooks App is available for Android already. I know the Apple app was already updated with bug fixes and the newest stories, but I'm not sure if that one is.

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