Meaning of the book of exodus

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meaning of the book of exodus

The Book of Exodus: The Making and Meaning of Bob Marley and the Wailers Album of the Century by Vivien Goldman

Follow the Sacred Journey to Create One of the Lasting Musical Masterpieces of Our Time

Bob Marley is one of our most important and influential artists. Recorded in London after an assassination attempt on his life sent Marley into exile from Jamaica, Exodus is the most lasting testament to his social conscience. Named by Time magazine as “Album of the Century,” Exodus is reggae superstar Bob Marley’s masterpiece of spiritual exploration.

Vivien Goldman was the first journalist to introduce mass white audiences to the Rasta sounds of Bob Marley. Throughout the late 1970s, Goldman was a fly on the wall as she watched reggae grow and evolve, and charted the careers of many of its superstars, especially Bob Marley. So close was Vivien to Bob and the Wailers that she was a guest at his Kingston home just days before gunmen came in a rush to kill “The Skip.” Now, in The Book of Exodus, Goldman chronicles the making of this album, from its conception in Jamaica to the raucous but intense all-night studio sessions in London.

But The Book of Exodus is so much more than a making-of-a-record story. This remarkable book takes us through the history of Jamaican music, Marley’s own personal journey from the Trench Town ghetto to his status as global superstar, as well as Marley’s deep spiritual practice of Rastafari and the roots of this religion. Goldman also traces the biblical themes of the Exodus story, and its practical relevance to us today, through various other art forms, leading up to and culminating with Exodus.

Never before has there been such an intimate, first-hand portrait of Marley’s spirituality, his political involvement, and his life in exile in London, leading up to histriumphant return to the stage in Jamaica at the Peace Concert of 1978.

Here is an unforgettable portrait of Bob Marley and an acutely perceptive appreciation of his musical and spiritual legacy.
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Exodus Meaning

About this book

The analysis and synthesis approach to biblical studies applied here to Exodus is a methodology developed by the author DeCanio, in conjunction with his doctoral studies at the University of South Africa. The bibliography for this study of Exodus is presented at the end of the article, Introduction to the Pentateuch. There are several internal claims in the Book of Exodus which directly ascribe authorship to Moses. He is told to record on a scroll the episode of Israel's victory over Amalek He is instructed to write down the Ten Commandments , He "wrote down everything Yahweh had said" , which included at least the Book of the Covenant These internal claims are supported by a strong association of Mosaic authorship for the Pentateuch found in other OT books and in NT books as discussed in the Introduction to the Pentateuch see, also, Kaiser

Tradition holds that Moses wrote the book of Exodus. Though scholars speculate and debate, there is no good reason to deny that Moses wrote the book. This deliverer was named Moses, and Moses was given the task of leading his people out of Egypt to the promised land, the land of Canaan. This event was called the Exodus. Exodus reveals the God who saves his people. From Exodus we come to understand that God is actively involved in history. He hears prayer.

Origin: [L. Song lyrics by exodus -- Explore a large variety of song lyrics performed by exodus on the Lyrics. The Scriptural narrative of the departure of the Israelites from the Land of Bondage. We haven't seen an uncontrolled exodus like this since the discovery of the Americas. This exodus must end. It's a threat to our security, i have a message for the people of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.

The Book of Exodus is the second book of the Bible and describes the Exodus, which includes Moses asks God for his name: God replies: "I AM that I AM", the explanation of the name "Yahweh" as he is thereafter known. God tells Moses to .
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A Continuation of Genesis

Exodus means exit or departure. That shows us that Exodus is not really a completely separate book. Exodus continues the story that began in Genesis. And the next three books complete that story. They called them the Torah, which means law or instruction. Pentateuch means the five books.

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  1. Exodus , the liberation of the people of Israel from slavery in Egypt in the 13th century bce , under the leadership of Moses; also, the Old Testament book of the same name.

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