Best way to crate train a german shepherd puppy

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best way to crate train a german shepherd puppy

Sadie the German Shepherd Dog Puppy: How to House-Train your GSD without a Crate by Yohai Reuben

Whether or not you are looking to house-train your German Shepherd Dog (GSD) or any other type of dog, this book will teach you the essentials of house-training your new puppy (or adult) dog without the need for Crate Training in a very easy and fun to read format. This book also serves as a photo-journal (with high-quality (HQ) high-definition (HD) picture on every page) documenting week by week the first few months of life of Sadie the German Shepherd Dog (GSD) Puppy (together with her dog friend Bad News Billy) that is suitable for children, and makes a very nice childrens story-picture book for fans of German Shepherd Dogs (GSDs) of all ages. By reading this book you will learn:

1.) How to house-train your dog without Crate Training.
2.) How to know when to take your dog out to urinate/defecate.
3.) The four most important concepts for your dog to learn first before anything else.
4.) The three ways to get your dog to do as you say.
5.) The four reasons why your dog will not bite you.
6.) The two ways to control your dogs Danger Area.
7.) The two ways to teach your dog new behaviors.
8.) Positive Reinforcement vs. Correction of Negative Behaviors.
9.) Which foods are safe and unsafe for your dog to eat.
10.) How to teach your dog hand-signals as silent commands.
11.) How to teach your dog to urinate/defecate upon command.

...and much more!
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How to Housebreak a German Shepherd Puppy

They love to be in a place that they know is safe and theirs. Training a GSD to live in a crate helps in a number of situations. When you want to go somewhere and leave the dog at home, a crate helps in keeping your dog safe. When a GSD is left alone without supervision, it feels a variety of emotions including depression, boredom, sadness, anger, etc. These emotions are the number one cause of destructive behavior in GSDs. Keeping your GSD in a crate also helps when you are training it to follow the house rules.

But goodness, German Shepherd puppies can get into a lot of trouble! Crate training a German Shepherd puppy can help ease the stresses of puppyhood. Believe me, crate training is your best friend! Well, after your German Shepherd, of course. This guide will teach you everything you need to know about crate training a German Shepherd puppy. There are a lot of people who feel this way, and the truth is it can be cruel if the crate is misused.

Dogs have always had crates in one form or another.
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A Guide to Housebreaking a German Shepherd Puppy

Sam Shephard is an experienced German Shepherd owner and has learned throughout the years how to optimize the breed's health and wellness. One of the main reasons to choose a German Shepherd over all other dog breeds in the world is how intelligent these little puppies are. While all dogs have the ability to be housebroken, dogs who are bred specifically for their intelligence will be much more trainable and will take to potty training very quickly.

Nearly every dog trainer in the United Stares recommends crate training. However a few problems are associated with crate training that are not commonly addressed. First of all, people tend to overuse the crate. Whenever they feel like they are too busy for the puppy, it ends up in the crate, and sometimes spends almost its entire puppyhood in the crate instead of with its owner. A puppy is a lot like a child. If you put your child away into a separate room every time he or she misbehaves or is difficult to deal with, instead of working out the problem, you would not expect your child to grow up to be social, loving, and loyal.



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  1. Crate training your German Shepherd at night will give you peace of mind while you sleep.

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