How to join the teutonic order

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how to join the teutonic order

Teutonic Knights by William L. Urban

The Teutonic knights were powerful and ferocious advocates of holy war. Their history is suffused with crusading, campaigning and struggle. Feared by their enemies but respected by medieval Christendom, the knights and their Order maintained a firm hold over the Baltic and northern Germany and established a formidable regime which flourished across central Europe for 300 years. This book surveys the gripping history of the knights and relates their rise to power; their struggles against Prussian pagans; the series of wars against Poland and Lithuania; the clash with Alexander Nevskys Russia; and the gradual stagnation of the Order in the fourteenth century. The book is replete with dramatic episodes - such as the battle on frozen Lake Peipus in 1242, or the disaster of Tannenberg - but focuses primarily on the year-after-year struggle to maintain power, fend off incursions and raiding bands, and to launch crusades against unbelieving foes. And it was the crusade, with knights demonstrating their valor, which chiefly characterized and breathed life into this militant, conquering Holy Order. The narrative charts the rise and fall of the Order, and, in an accessible and engaging style, throws light on a band of knights whose deeds and motives have long been misunderstood.
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History of the State of the Teutonic Order : Every Year

The Teutonic Order of Saint Mary's Hospital in Jerusalem - Deutscher Orden - would like to invite individuals of good standing to join as Marian Associate.
William L. Urban

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The first mission of the Teutonic knights was to help retake Jerusalem from the Arabs in the Third Crusade CE , and during this failed attempt they set up a hospital outside Acre during the siege of that city.
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Saving Your Disaster Total War Campaigns - When The Teutonic Order Had Nothing

The Teutonic Orders. Formed to establish hospitals and aid pilgrims to the Holy Land, the order took part in the Crusades throughout the Middle Ages. Due to the effects of the Protestant Reformation, the Utrecht branch of the order because protestant. However, the order as a whole is Roman Catholic is nature and profession. Today in addition to the Protestant branch, there exists the clerical Teutonic Order, which is more religious in character, and the Imperial Teutonic Order, which is more chivalric in character. The Order was instituted in by Duke Frederick of Swabia. After the capture of Acre, the order received a permanent site in the city.

The Teutonic Order was formed to aid Christians on their pilgrimages to the Holy Land and to establish hospitals. Its members have commonly been known as the Teutonic Knights , having a small voluntary and mercenary military membership, serving as a crusading military order for protection of Christians in the Holy Land and the Baltics during the Middle Ages. Purely religious since , the Teutonic Order still confers limited honorary knighthoods. Mary of the Germans in Jerusalem". Thus the term "Teutonic" echoes the German origins of the order Theutonicorum in its Latin name. Formed in the year [6] in Acre, in the Levant , the medieval Order played an important role in Outremer the general name for the Crusader states , controlling the port tolls of Acre. The Knights were expelled by force of arms by King Andrew II of Hungary in , after attempting to place themselves under papal instead of the original Hungarian sovereignty and thus to become independent.

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