How to be a good example of a christian

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how to be a good example of a christian

Christian Behavior Quotes (65 quotes)

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Published 12.04.2019

Young Christian: Set an Example

Being a Good Example

As Christians, we are taught to be lights to the world. We hear the words, we know what they mean, but do we really consider how much of an impact they have? How we act—our example is very important to God. It is not always easy to do, but it is what God wants from us. Have you ever been around someone who professes to be a Christian, but then goes about doing things that do not appear Christian at all? When someone professes their love for God and Christ and then acts foolishly, it reflects poorly on God and His people.

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With this first mark of maturity we come to a study of the qualities that describe what Christ-like maturity looks like. Since becoming Christ-like makes one an example to follow, we will begin here. A mature Christian is someone who is a model, a pacesetter; someone who influences others in positive ways according to biblical standards! Modeling Christian virtues, virtues of true spirituality, is crucial to effective ministry in the world. Without biblical and godly models we are cast into a restless sea that can only toss up refuse and mud Isa. William J.

Christians are required to be honest in their relationship with God; they must be godly role models that are suitable for other people to emulate. Christians must understand that unbelievers are watching our behaviors to derive motivation for serving God. The scripture emphasized,. Christians must serve God with a pure motive and portray a godly example for other people to emulate. Our practices must motivate other people to love and serve God as well. Christians must understand that we have an obligation to live the exemplary lifestyle for other people to emulate especially the unbelievers.

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