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when did bob ross die

Bob Ross Quotes (Author of Happy Little Accidents)

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Grave of BOB ROSS - His Magic Lives On

Bob Ross: The Man Behind The Happy Little Trees

He went from being a public television personality in the s and s to being an Internet celebrity in the 21st century, becoming popular with fans on YouTube and many other websites after his death. He was a very talented painter and well-known by all. In the year , he was diagnosed with lymphoma which made him retired from the final episode of The Joy of Painting' aired on May 17, He died on 4th July at the age of He kept his diagnosis a secret from the general public, and his lymphoma was not known outside of his circle of family and friends until after his death.

Bob Ross? The guy that almost every artist loves to make fun of? Not so fast! There is more than a grain of truth in that folksy voice…. I watched. I was mesmerized. No single person in the history of art has brought more people to the world of painting than Bob Ross.

Ross was raised in Orlando , Florida. After completing one year of high school and working for a time as a carpenter with his father, Ross enlisted at age 18 in the United States Air Force. While stationed in Alaska , he took his first painting class at a U. However, he learned the technique that would make his career—the wet-on-wet alla prima oil painting technique—from television painting instructor Bill Alexander, whose show, The Magic of Oil Painting , aired on PBS from to The wet-on-wet technique involved applying oil paint on top of still-wet oil paint, rather than waiting between layers for the paint to dry. This allowed the composition to be completed quickly, which made the technique particularly suitable for the half-hour television program structure.

For eleven years he hosted one of the most popular art shows on television — transforming a blank canvas to a finished painting in a remarkably short, 30 minutes.
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"There’s nothing wrong with having a tree as a friend."

Bob Ross, born in Florida on October 29, , discovered oil painting while he was enlisted in the U. Air Force in the early s. He studied the "wet-on-wet" technique, which allowed him to produce complete paintings in less than an hour. He was raised in Orlando, Florida. After dropping out of school in the ninth grade, Ross served in the U. Air Force.

It seems like Steve cut every and all ties to the public and went completely underground. One of the only sources that mention Steve is an announcement of the death of his late father. From this obituary it is also known that Steve became a Bob Ross-certified instructor , but after checking lists of practicing instructors it appears that he is no longer teaching people to paint. It is also not known if Steve still paints at all. Another commenter said that she believes Steve is doing software work now.

In the early s, Bob Ross quietly appeared on public television stations across the United States to give viewers an experience that was part art lesson, part entertainment, and part pro bono therapy session. In something close to real time, he effortlessly daubed whole landscapes into existence on the canvas, talking the whole time about soothing topics and encouraging his novice viewers to discover their own inner artists. Even those in his audience who never picked up a brush still found the show oddly calming, and many reacted with real grief when their icon unexpectedly died of cancer in Bob Ross was born in Daytona Beach, Florida in His father was a carpenter and as a child, Ross was always more at home in the workshop than in school. An accident in the shop cost him the tip of his left index finger around this time.

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