Storyjacking change your inner dialogue transform your life

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storyjacking change your inner dialogue transform your life

StoryJacking: Change Your Inner Dialogue, Transform Your Life by Lyssa deHart

Do you feel stuck and wish you were living in another story? You know the one, the story filled with happy relationships, where you love your career and have a sense of purpose as you make a life filled with meaning!
What stories are you telling yourself?
StoryJacking is a seven-step guide that offers a practical road map to your personal power. It is your doorway into profound self-awareness and the fundamental truth: You are whole, capable, resourceful, and creative. By getting curious, you can shift your brain from fear into learning and create the life you want.
Coach and therapist Lyssa Danehy deHart brings twenty plus years of experience working with her stories as well as the stories of thousands of clients. Lyssa teaches her clients how to write new and powerful stories. In StoryJacking she reveals how clients can connect to their authentic self as she unlocks some of the most powerful super-secrets of the universe.
Now she shares with you what you need to understand about your stories. How to navigate the inevitable plot twists that occur, be they large or small, so they wont stop you in your tracks. Youll learn how the way you view your life experiences comes from the stories you tell yourself.
Lyssa will help you understand your mind and support you as you get curious about your stories. She will empower you to build a toolbox of skills that supports you to transform your stories into successes.
Its time to recognize the connections between the stories you tell yourself and your anxiety, stress, worry, depression, and fear.
Are you ready to be free?
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Editorial Reviews. Review. A refreshingly creative debut that focuses on taking control of one's life. Life coach deHart lays out a contemporary method for.
Lyssa deHart

StoryJacking: Change Your Inner Dialogue, Transform Your Life

But the truth of the matter is everyone needs to get storyjacked. Storyjacking can be summed up as a road map to living the best of your life. Think of this book as your personal navigational GPS system. We all have a final destination. There can be many different routes to get to where you want to go, the longest, fastest, or the in-between.

And now here is a book that addresses this topic. In this book you can learn how to reset your goals and get back to where you planned to be. If you can control the process of choosing, you can take control all the aspects of your life. You can find the freedom that comes from being in charge of yourself. Along with all this wealth of information there are small quizzes and exercises to help us make sense of our world.

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With StoryJacking , life coach Lyssa Danehy deHart provides tools for changing your life stories, for digging out inculcated limiting beliefs and replacing them with empowering narratives. Her lessons teach us to take our life stories back over. This echoes the Jungian and shamanic concept of the Shadow and how the things that irritate the hell out of us in others reflects our own hidden Shadow aspects back to us. The information on neuroplasticity was fascinating to me. I already knew about the concept, of course, but still I find it interesting to read about.

The first section explores broad concepts, such as the psyche and how the mind works, and enumerates the StoryJacking steps. Heady, insightful content packaged in a non-threatening, engaging manner; includes ample opportunity for the dedicated reader to consider life-altering directions. The vast majority of people are discontented with their life in some way. The author laid out her idea in plain, simple language, and her friendly, conversational style kept me engaged throughout. The basic idea is that viewing our life as a story gives us more power over it than if we view it as a series of random events. We need to see ourselves as the authors of our tales rather than as just passive, powerless bystanders. If the idea of life as a story resonates with you enough to buy this book, pause after each chapter and think about whether you could use it to help you and how.


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