History of indian graphic novels

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history of indian graphic novels

Best Indian Graphic Novels (30 books)

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Published 07.05.2019

History of Graphic Novels

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How much do you know about India's ever-growing and diverse graphic novel scene? Paul Gravett, an expert in the field for over 30 years, runs through a brief history of the form, mentioning some of its most illustrious examples. Comics in India used to be under-appreciated as cheap, undemanding, throwaway entertainment mainly for kids or the sub-literate. It is the modern Indian graphic novel which is radically repositioning the comics medium and bringing it into the 21st century. Significant general literary giants like Hachette, Harper Collins and Penguin have published them, as have smaller picture-book companies like Tara Books and the political press Navayana, as well as comics-only specialists like Blaft, Phantomville and Manta Ray. In that sense, India is now part of this movement. There is a growing library of Indian graphic novels of the non-genre variety which emerged as a vibrant turn-of-the 21st century phenomenon is are building a strong community of creators and readers.

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Pramod K. ORCID: Email: rajnisingh18 gmail. DOI: Through an investigative and analytical approach he looks at the Indian graphic novel that possesses all the requisites of a literary text. Talking about the form of the graphic narrative, he argues that it has an edge over the other dominant genres as it simultaneously engages the reader to the act of reading and perceiving and that its form is enriched with range and versatility. It embodies a unique inter-play of word and image, the literal and the symbolic layer of interpretation and even its gaps or absences render a field of signification.


In a dark and stormy night, a dark knight rises, silhouetted against a moonless sky. Gods prepare for war a few thousand years in the mystical past. A goddess manifests herself in a young woman who has been raped and takes revenge. In the more recent past and in the now, history is retold through nostalgic strips of art. Sholay and Shivaay splatter across four-colour pages. They are in our own Indian backyard, spawning out of graphic novels, embedding themselves in the hearts of those who grew up with Batman, Superman, Spider-man and their league of super heroes. Artful pictures that tell tales of valour, humour, sex, gossip, introspection, despair, darkness and light—graphic novels are making a bold and in-your-face impression on paper in four colours.

This graphic novel has received critical praise for illustrations and the use of Indian mythology and political history. It is based on a British character called James who travels to India as a soldier in the Imperial Army of India and realizes that he is the incarnation of a powerful ancient sadhu saint. Finally, upon realising the purpose of his life, James helps those who are in need and fights mystical forces too. The graphic novel shows three young men with different ideologies in this politically tense world. Within the literary art form of graphic novels, Hush is probably the most experimental and impressive.

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