Who sang love is the drug

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who sang love is the drug

Showing all quotes that contain love drug.

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Published 16.05.2019

Roxy Music - Love Is The Drug (Official Video)

However, not every artist is so on the nose, and there are a slew of songs you didn't know are about drugs. Here are 14 secret drug songs that may surprise you. Some of the songs on this list are certainly up to interpretation.

Love Is the Drug

One version of rock history could be told by the many songs that have been written about the alluring dangers of drug use. D'Angelo personifies his love for weed a la Rick James' "Mary Jane" over a smoked-out groove that tells you the real story as clearly as lines like "my eyes are a shade blood burgundy. There are songs that treat sexual attraction like a drug addiction, and there are songs that treat drug addiction like sexual attraction, and the way D'Angelo sings, "I gets high off your love," makes it clear that this is the latter. Yes, of course marijuana isn't chemically addictive. Neither is sex, right? Actual "yellow diamonds" do exist in gem form, and can be purchased at your local jeweler, but the kind Rihanna sings about are only available from less-reputable sources. In case the slang is too subtle for you, the pills and dilated pupils of the video imagery hammers that interpretation home.

Shame, guilt, desire, regret these are only a few of the emotions people experience when they are dependent on a substance. This anguish has been fuel for thousands of beautiful, moving, raw and intense songs about addiction. For many decades artists have used their lyrics and melodies to tell stories of relationships with drugs and alcohol. Their songs have satisfied the curiosity of the sober and eased the loneliness of those who are struggling with the mental illness. Rather than using subjective rankings to form our list, we thought about which songs most vividly describe the experience of addiction, how the illness can destroy lives and bonds. We looked for tracks that detail the mindset and behavior of someone who is falling into the void of substance abuse or realizing they have a problem Keep in mind that recovery is the other side of the coin and deserves its own list. Use our playlist to sympathize with those afflicted with addiction or remind yourself that millions of others carry the same burden.

"Stoned and Drunk"

By Jay Burns. Published on September 23, That drug might be oxytocin. A representation of the oxytocin molecule, upper right, bound to the protein neurophysin, shown as ribbons, that carries it through the body. In at least one study, Koven says, oxytocin was administered to residents of a nursing home to boost their desire to socialize.

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  1. But it was a quality that seeped into her words too, into the lyrics that nodded not to her contemporaries, but to the work of early female blues singers such as Big Mama Thornton and Ma Rainey, Ethel Waters and Bessie Smith.

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