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my little pony the movie comic

My Little Pony: The Movie Prequel by Ted Anderson

Because I have been a My Little Pony fan for a long time (*cough*25 years*cough*), I am beyond excited that, beginning this Thursday, fellow fans and I will be able to see My Little Pony on the big screen. Although the 80s ponies were my first love, I greatly enjoy following this new version, and the Friendship is Magic comics, created by IDW Publishing, have generally been quite good and very fun.

My Little Pony: Movie Prequel is not part of the ongoing comic story instead, its four mostly separate one-shots providing background for some of the main and side characters who will appear in the movie. The story is very light, but I can understand that this book wasnt made to tell a storyit was made to hype a story. And Im hyped! There are quite a few characters, with very neat visual designs (in fact there are only two actual ponies! How fun!), and I cant wait to see them on the big screen.

On a negative note, I was struck that some of the artwork, particularly in the backgrounds, seemed very rushed. One of the aspects of the My Little Pony comics I enjoy most is the Easter eggs and background goings-on, and I was disappointed that many of the backgrounds in My Little Pony: Movie Prequel were flat or entirely empty.

I was already super excited for the My Little Pony movie, but after reading this comic Im even more pumped. Keep up the good marketing, Hasbro!
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My Little Pony- Equestria Girls - Friendship Games

My Little Pony: The Movie Prequel is a Hasbro-licensed four-issue miniseries of full-color comics by IDW Publishing that ties into My Little Pony The Movie.
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Each issue serves as a standalone origin story for some of the new characters in the film but is also part of an overarching plot that spans all four issues. The comic begins with the Storm King addressing the reader and narrating his own backstory. In the lands beyond Equestria , the Storm King is the commander of a fleet of airships and notorious as a conqueror and destroyer of whole nations. Having just conquered most of the kingdom of Abyssinia , the Storm King and his second-in-command Strife set out to invade the Abyssinian capital of Panthera. As the Storm King and his forces invade the city, an anthropomorphic cat named Capper and his friend Chummer watch as they pillage and destroy.

IDW Publishing , an American comic publisher which has been publishing tie-in comic books to Hasbro properties since , began to publish monthly My Little Pony comics beginning in November The comics published so far are based on the characters from the relaunch of the franchise and its television series My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic , as well as the anthropomorphic spin-off Equestria Girls. In addition to these publications, IDW has also published several one-off issues. The comics follow the studious Twilight Sparkle originally a unicorn, later given a pair of wings and her friends in adventures throughout the empire of Equestria. Though the comic, like the TV series, is aimed at young children, the writers and artists have consistently taken risks, including expanding Sombra's storyline, the Friendship is Magic miniseries, introducing LGBT characters, and more. They have presented complex, multi-issue story arcs, and executed them well, and included material to appeal to the broad older fandom , featuring cultural references and show elements enjoyed by them.

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In the issue, Twilight Sparkle and her friends discover that a film is being made about them. At the Castle of Friendship , Rarity bursts in and informs Rainbow Dash , Pinkie Pie , Fluttershy , and Applejack that a movie studio in Applewood is making a magic lantern movie about Twilight Sparkle and her friends' adventures based on the journal they published.,





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