Wing chun self defence techniques

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wing chun self defence techniques

The Children of Willesden Lane. Beyond the Kindertransport: A Memoir of Music, Love, and Survival by Mona Golabek

This inspiring true story of how classical music saved a young girls life during World War II is a book for history and music lovers and the perfect choice for book clubs.

Mona Golabek tells the tale of her mother Lisa Jura Golabeks escape from Nazi-controlled Austria to England on the infamous Kindertransport.

Jewish musical prodigy Lisa Jura has a wonderful life in Vienna. But when the Nazis start closing in on the city, life changes irreversibly. Although he has three daughters, Lisas father is able to secure only one berth on the Kindertransport. The family decides to send Lisa to London so that she may pursue her dreams of a career as a concert pianist. Separated from her beloved family, Lisa bravely endures the trip and a disastrous posting outside London before finding her way to the Willesden Lane Orphanage.

Her music inspires the other orphanage children, and they, in turn, cheer her on in her efforts to make good on her promise to her family to realize her musical potential. Through hard work and sheer pluck, Lisa wins a scholarship to study piano at the Royal Academy. As she supports herself and studies, she makes a new life for herself and dreams of reconnecting with the family she was forced to leave behind. The resulting tale delivers a message of the power of music to uplift the human spirit and to grant the individual soul endurance, patience, and peace.

*Includes a reading group guide*
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Top 20 wing Chun Techniques

CWTO – Cifci Wing Tsun Organisation : Welcome !

A pillar of Chinese medicine, QiGong allows us to develop awareness of and cultivate our vital energy "Chi" in Chinese , while harmonising body and spirit. It's an ally of choice in combat, but also in our daily lives. Traditional Wing Chun training of this subtle art popularised by the grand master Ip Man, teacher of the legendary Bruce Lee. Teaching that encourages your personal development. Know yourself better, and channel your efforts to react fairly in a world of constant change. Integration, adaptability, and mastery of our emotions when faced with the stress of personal and professional life.

At Wing Chun-UK we teach a clearly-structured self-defence system. All of our Instructors are highly experienced and are dedicated to your progression in both physical ability and technical understanding. Whether you are a complete novice, or you have experience in Wing Chun or any other martial arts, we offer a complete self- defence martial art that is not only effective, but fascinating to learn. Watch our Wing Chun videos and get a taste for our self defence system. Here are examples of how classes are trained, parts of our sequences, fast applications and extracts from the Wooden Dummy Form in slow motion. If you are keen to find out more about our unique Wing Chun self defence system then why not come along to a FREE trial lesson. Come along, take part and speak to your local instructor also you have the.

It is renown for its close range fighting strategies and techniques, which are applicable for self defence application. Ving Tsun does not pit strength against strength but rather employs its unique understanding of physics to overcome a larger and stronger adversary. The theories and drills of Ving Tsun enable anyone of any age, sex or size to hold their own in a physical confrontation. Many of the exercises in Ving Tsun are scientific in approach and training is carried out in a friendly atmosphere of co-operation as opposed to one of competition. This allows students to develop freely and at their own pace. Then, once a good knowledge of the system has been attained, we can pressure test accordingly.

Wing Chun Problems and Solutions

Also: Ving Chun V. Wing Chun is a Chinese martial art with a year long tradition. Being the most efficient self-defence system, Wing Chun combines optimised beating and kicking techniques with other aspects such as throws. It can therefore be used in every situation with every distance given. Wing Chun is not a collection of many single techniques but a complete system. Most important for Wing Chun are the 4 fighting and power principles:.

Wing chun is well known for its unique structures, simultaneous blocking and striking, trapping, rapid vertical punches, a focus on using the shortest distance between two points, and a strategy that includes controlling the center with constant forward pressure. Many of the concepts and techniques work very well in self defense, but unfortunately the way they're most commonly taught and trained makes wing chun ineffective for both sport fighting and self defense. On this site however, I'll show you how to remedy that. The root of most problems with wing chun today is primarily related to training. Many schools focus heavily on solo drills or forms, and when practitioners do train with a partner they begin in positions that no one fights or attacks in, and attack and defend in a way that no one attacks or defends.

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